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I’d rather be posting on my blog.

Posted on 30 March 2005 by Flisha

After a two week *hiatus* I have returned to work.

9:00 AM

“Flisha, why did you put [name] below the [award]? It’s better if you do the reverse. Please change the design on this certificate.”

“But, Ma’am, that’s what you told me to do when I showed you the first draft.”

“No, you were mistaken. Oh, and please change the text from ‘presents’ to ‘awards’.”

“But, last time it was ‘awards’ and you made me change it to ‘presents’.”

“Well, just change it.”

11:00 AM

“Flisha, this [text] is all wrong. Please change it to this [text] for all 20 certificates.”

“But, that was your previous instruction.”

“Oh well the boss wants it another way.”

“Why don’t I get it straight from the boss then?”

“Because *I’m* the one in charge of the certificates.”


1:00 PM

“Ma’am, I’m really sorry but my right contact lens fell in my Jollibee Beef Rice during lunch. My vision is now incorrect. What you see, I see double. I must leave immediately to soak my lens in a solution to prevent a tragic loss of P1000. And because of my sudden disability I might jeopardize myself or someone near me by some bizarre act (which otherwise would be termed *stupidity*) of double vision-ity. I do not know when my contact lens will be safe enough to wear. I might not come tomorrow, or the next day. Or ever. So very sorry.”


Spelunking at Quiniput

Posted on 28 March 2005 by Flisha

Wow, I am dead tired. My legs feel like jelly and the muscles in my body are aching — a good kind of ache. The dull kind of ache that lingers to remind you of the exhausting yet tremendously enjoyable experience you had just recently.

Today I went caving with my best buddy and boyfriend, my baby Gimmi. Along with us were Gim’s thesis partner Marvin and the Ateneo Research Center staff Liezl and Lot and selected ARC student assistants. This event was funded by the ARC since they wanted to personally survey the caves in Gim’s and Marvin’s thesis, so we had a free ride and a free lunch. Yay!

Last time I went caving with Gim and Marvin was a year ago! Back then I knew how to climb up a flight of stairs. Today I can barely comprehend walking from Ateneo to City Hall (ya all know we gov people sit on our bums all day!). So you could just imagine the humongous effort it took for me to climb a mountain!!! I had to make frequent stops along the way to catch my breath (and regain feeling in my lower limbs). Poor Gim had to worry about me and stay beside me as the rest of the pack went forward, which resulted in us getting *lost* from the pack. Yes, Gimmi and I ended up in another cave. Fortunately, the cave we were supposed to visit wasn’t too far from where we had landed, and after trying out a few alternative routes (without a guide, mind you, since the locals were with the main group) we finally chanced upon them eating lunch at the entrance of the cave… whereupon we greeted them with relief and joined them for lunch. Unfortunately they were just finishing up, and dismayed were we, because, um, the utensils were with us!!! Our fellow spelunkers were forced to eat with their dirtied hands!!! Sheepishly we asked if anyone needed any napkins.

Oh well! It was good for their immunity anyway.

We haven’t developed the film yet so I’ll just post pics from last year’s escapades. (These are the same caves we visited today.)

Entrance of a Cave at Quiniput

Oy! Come Below!

Tired and Dirtied

The only difference is that Gim and Marvin have graduated and I’m much fatter. Sigh.



Pondering on the Holy Week…

Posted on 25 March 2005 by Flisha

It’s Holy Week, and I’m getting wasted. Not very holy for a Roman Catholic. Ahh, but am I? I believe there’s a superior being out there. But I don’t like organized religion. Too much arrogance, too much tradition, too much hoopla, too much forcing me to go to mass and pay for cathedrals and pray for others.

I think maybe God is just a concept that blew out of proportion. A shelter for lonely people who have nobody else in their life. Or an altar for thanksgiving for those who have everything but don’t wanna thank people. Or… I don’t know. I’m not AGAINST religion. I’m just not into it. And all I have are theories of why religion actually came into play.

I prefer to believe that God is anything and everything, actually. God, the innovative inventor of life. Have you ever watched The Truman Show? Sometimes I think that we’re Jim Carrey and God is Ed Harris, the network’s head/producer, who’s just observing, understanding, and laughing at us while we fuck (*stamps feet for saying such a bad word on Holy Week*) up our meaningless lives.

What I’m really trying to say is – we’re in control of our lives. Yeah, there probably is a God, the name I give to “that which is greater than I”. There’s just too much mystery in the world to believe that man is the highest intelligent being available, and I’m attributing all this mystery to God — or whatever it is. But I don’t think he (it?) messes in our lives, I think he/it just gave us what we have and then decided to lay back and watch what we do with it.

And that’s all. Oh and by the way, I just wanted to post this picture. I took it in my hometown Zamboanga. Looks like the trees are bowing to the river. Nature rocks.

The Trees that Bow to the River



Is it me or is it my generation?

Posted on 21 March 2005 by Flisha

Ohh I am so tired of my present job. As of tomorrow I will have worked a full year as a government employee. A shitty crappy full year.

I sit in front of the darned PC that is not even MOed (memorandum of obligation or some silly government term like that) in my name from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, cooking up programs that will never be implemented. (I’ve created three programs to date and only one is in use, since one employee blatantly refuses to consort with non-Excel applications and since one program is being on kept on eternal revisions in compliance with the eternally changing government policies!)

The PC I am using does NOT have access to the Internet (woe is me!) even though I have constantly asked for it. The only access is through the department head’s private PC, which is inside her private office, where she holds meetings with other department heads and the like all throughout the day. What am I supposed to do to connect with the outside world, apparate like Harry Potter?!

Furthermore, co-officemates shamelessly take advantage of my skills. They ask me to print, download, even create, assignments for their children or themselves. One employee even asks me to create programs and flyers for her church. Sometimes I feel as if I am working for them instead for the government.

I think the only real contribution I have is technical assistance when it comes to operating laptops or projectors during presentations and digital imagery when it comes to coming up with creative plaques or certificates. And that is seldom.

I want another job.



And here goes nothing…

Posted on 20 March 2005 by Flisha

Okay. Funny, but cat’s got my tongue, er, fingers, sort of. Hmm. What ARE blogs for? How the hell should I know? This is my first. Okay, this is obviously a bad start.

I guess the question should be… what is this particular blog for? My life, I suppose. Given that, I should introduce myself… in a semi-anonymous way, of course.

Call me Flisha. No, that’s not my real name… but close, my nick. I’m in my early twenties, I work as a full-time programmer and as a part-time instructor. I have a brainy hunky man-child for a boyfriend, and six unaffectionate, career-oriented, eternally semi-goody-two-shoes-es for friends.

Ha ha. I could so figure out who I am by that description alone. Well, I guess if you live within my city and come from my school, there’d be a 100% chance you’d know me, especially if you’ve seen my Flickr pics. Let me just hope this blog never gets me dooced.

This is a high school representation of me: (back when I still had time to indulge in fancy, or otherwise, illustrations)




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