And here goes nothing…

Okay. Funny, but cat’s got my tongue, er, fingers, sort of. Hmm. What ARE blogs for? How the hell should I know? This is my first. Okay, this is obviously a bad start.

I guess the question should be… what is this particular blog for? My life, I suppose. Given that, I should introduce myself… in a semi-anonymous way, of course.

Call me Flisha. No, that’s not my real name… but close, my nick. I’m in my early twenties, I work as a full-time programmer and as a part-time instructor. I have a brainy hunky man-child for a boyfriend, and six unaffectionate, career-oriented, eternally semi-goody-two-shoes-es for friends.

Ha ha. I could so figure out who I am by that description alone. Well, I guess if you live within my city and come from my school, there’d be a 100% chance you’d know me, especially if you’ve seen my Flickr pics. Let me just hope this blog never gets me dooced.

This is a representation of me: (back when I still had time to indulge in fancy, or otherwise, illustrations)