I’d rather be posting on my blog.

After a two week *hiatus* I have returned to work.

9:00 AM

“Flisha, why did you put [name] below the [award]? It’s better if you do the reverse. Please change the design on this certificate.”

“But, Ma’am, that’s what you told me to do when I showed you the first draft.”

“No, you were mistaken. Oh, and please change the text from ‘presents’ to ‘awards’.”

“But, last time it was ‘awards’ and you made me change it to ‘presents’.”

“Well, just change it.”

11:00 AM

“Flisha, this [text] is all wrong. Please change it to this [text] for all 20 certificates.”

“But, that was your previous instruction.”

“Oh well the boss wants it another way.”

“Why don’t I get it straight from the boss then?”

“Because *I’m* the one in charge of the certificates.”


1:00 PM

“Ma’am, I’m really sorry but my right contact lens fell in my Jollibee Beef Rice during lunch. My vision is now incorrect. What you see, I see double. I must leave immediately to soak my lens in a solution to prevent a tragic loss of P1000. And because of my sudden disability I might jeopardize myself or someone near me by some bizarre act (which otherwise would be termed *stupidity*) of double vision-ity. I do not know when my contact lens will be safe enough to wear. I might not come tomorrow, or the next day. Or ever. So very sorry.”


  1. hehehe…i experienced that, too. i had this in-charge once, who was extremely annoying. when he finally reviewed my audit program, he returned it to me full of red marks. asked me to change many things. and so i edited them and gave them to him again for a second review. whaddya know, when he gave them back to me, they were still full of red marks, and he was in effect asking me to change it so that it would appear like my first draft. DUH! making me go in circles is kinda stupid, wouldn’t you agree? then he shouldn’t have corrected what i made in the first place. hay…btw, he’s the supervisor i mentioned in my blog entitled “happy ending.”