Is it me or is it my generation?

Ohh I am so tired of my present job. As of tomorrow I will have worked a full year as a government employee. A shitty crappy full year.

I sit in front of the darned PC that is not even MOed (memorandum of obligation or some silly government term like that) in my name from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, cooking up programs that will never be implemented. (I’ve created three programs to date and only one is in use, since one employee blatantly refuses to consort with non-Excel applications and since one program is being on kept on eternal revisions in compliance with the eternally changing government policies!)

The PC I am using does NOT have access to the Internet (woe is me!) even though I have constantly asked for it. The only access is through the department head’s private PC, which is inside her private office, where she holds meetings with other department heads and the like all throughout the day. What am I supposed to do to connect with the outside world, apparate like ?!

Furthermore, co-officemates shamelessly take advantage of my skills. They ask me to print, download, even create, assignments for their children or themselves. One employee even asks me to create programs and flyers for her church. Sometimes I feel as if I am working for them instead for the government.

I think the only real contribution I have is technical assistance when it comes to operating laptops or projectors during presentations and digital imagery when it comes to coming up with creative plaques or certificates. And that is seldom.

I want another job.