Pondering on the Holy Week…

It’s Holy Week, and I’m getting wasted. Not very holy for a Roman Catholic. Ahh, but am I? I believe there’s a superior being out there. But I don’t like organized religion. Too much arrogance, too much tradition, too much hoopla, too much forcing me to go to mass and pay for cathedrals and pray for others.

I think maybe God is just a concept that blew out of proportion. A shelter for lonely people who have nobody else in their life. Or an altar for thanksgiving for those who have everything but don’t wanna thank people. Or… I don’t know. I’m not AGAINST religion. I’m just not into it. And all I have are theories of why religion actually came into play.

I prefer to believe that God is anything and everything, actually. God, the innovative inventor of life. Have you ever watched The Truman Show? Sometimes I think that we’re Jim Carrey and God is Ed Harris, the network’s head/producer, who’s just observing, understanding, and laughing at us while we fuck (*stamps feet for saying such a bad word on Holy Week*) up our meaningless lives.

What I’m really trying to say is – we’re in control of our lives. Yeah, there probably is a God, the name I give to “that which is greater than I”. There’s just too much mystery in the world to believe that man is the highest intelligent being available, and I’m attributing all this mystery to God — or whatever it is. But I don’t think he (it?) messes in our lives, I think he/it just gave us what we have and then decided to lay back and watch what we do with it.

And that’s all. Oh and by the way, I just wanted to post this picture. I took it in my hometown . Looks like the trees are bowing to the river. Nature rocks.

The Trees that Bow to the River


  1. heya lovedoo. hmmm, i agree with some of your points. *some*. yeah, i do agree that sometimes, religion gets too organized. there’s a lot of pomp going around that its easy to get distracted from what really matters- the realization and the acceptance that there is a God and the role He plays in our lives. but i don’t believe that God is just an ed harris in the truman show. what i do believe is that *yes* God *is* everywhere. God is the love a mother has for her children, God is the engineer who oversees the reconstruction of roads and bridges in flooded quezon province (knowing full well the dangers of flash floods in the area) and who later dies in one just so relief goods could come in faster, God is the US service man in war- torn baghdad who faces withering enemy fire just to aid a fallen comrade. even the undying love two people share for each other is God. yep, God sure is everywhere. i love you, my heart. =)

  2. Oh, Gimmi, where’s your rebuttal? You say you don’t believe that God is just somebody who knows everything about us. (Which is what I said) And then you agree with me by saying that God is everything and everywhere. So, um, your contention, please?