Bluetooth Problems

I’m happily typing away at a post, detailing the wonderful moments of my day when I suddenly realize that — hey, I should upload my recent pictures! So I whip out my cellphone, activate my Bluetooth, insert my Bluetooth device into my USB plug and double click on my software. The icon on my cellphone starts to flash intermittently, and then… the inevitable happens…

“Unable to connect”

What??? Oh no, oh no, oh noooo. So I unplug my Bluetooth device, uninstall my software, restart my cellphone, reinstall my software, replug my Bluetooth. Oh, you think that was quick huh? Yeah, try doing it twenty times more and you won’t be thinking it’s such a breeze.

After hours on my PC and uninstalling/reinstalling, restarting/rebooting doesn’t seem to do the trick, I take a drastic measure. So I go to Start -> Program Files -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore. And pray, “Lord, I hope my Bluetooth will work after this.”

Several retries and an hour later, I am finally convinced of what my Windows XP is trying to tell me. “System cannot restore to this point. Choose another?” No, thank you. I have a system restore point for every other day of the month of April. Why oh why can’t I restore to a single one of them?? If anybody knows — and I’m serious now, and I’m rarely serious — please, oh please, tell me why!


So now I have all these wonderful pictures on my cellphone and no way to share it. Yes, ecstatically wonderful.

This is what I get for buying a Bluetooth device worth 800 from Sapro.

A word to the wise: Don’t buy it, too.