Chicken a la Nice

Here’s a dish I found that’s popular in Nice, France. What’s so great about this dish is that unlike other French dishes, it doesn’t come with an exhorbitant ingredient price tag. All you’ll need are the basics and you’er ready for a tantalizingly creamy culinary adventure. Bon Appetit!


– 4 pcs. whole Chicken Breasts, cut in halves
– 1 can Button Mushrooms
– 1 White Onion, cut into rings
– 1/2 bar Butter
– 1 cup White Wine
– 1 cup Water
– Whipped Cream
– Salt and Pepper
– Monosodium Glutamate (MSG or vetsin)

For the Rue:
– 1/4 kilo Flour – 1/2 bar Butter
Mix, set aside.

For the Garden Essence:
– Spring Onions (dahon ng sibuyas) – Chinese Celery (kinchay) – Chili Pepper Leaves (sili dahon)
Tie together like a bouquet, set aside.

Sautee chicken breasts, mushrooms and onion rings in butter. Add salt, pepper, MSG to taste. Add water and garden essence. Simmer in low heat for 10-12minutes. Remove garden essence. Add the rue, stir until smooth. Next, add the whipped cream followed by the white wine. Simmer for 8-10minutes to allow the taste to permeate. Serves 6-8.