A Day Spent Joyriding through the West Coast

Gimmi bounced into my room at 2:00 PM this afternoon.

Gim: “C’mon, c’mon, why aren’t you dressed yet? Move, move, we have to get going NOW!”

Me: “Excuse me? I’m not the one who’s FIVE HOURS LATE for our date.”

Gim: “That’s no excuse to procrastinate. If you don’t get dressed, we’ll be *much* later.”

Me: “Okaayy. So, bigshot, where are you taking me?”

Gim: “Definitely not the West Coast.” (I look crestfallen at his words because that’s exactly where I thought he would take me!!) “Remember that East Coast resort, the one in Manicahan, where you wanted to go? That’s where we’re going!” (he grins triumphantly)

Me: “Hwaaat? But you said we’d go *joyriding*!!” (whimpers) “I’m not dressed to go to the beach!!! You’re such a jerk for not telling me.”

Gim: “No, we’re not taking a bath. We’ll just look at the resort.”

Me: “Look? Just look! Are you stupid, Gimmi? Who the hell just *looks* at a beach? Nobody goes to the beach to see the view! What view is there aside from water?? This is so depressing. I’m going to see a beach. Just see.” (wails)

Gim: “Well, uh, it was a surprise…”

Me: “And even if you’d *allow* me to go take a bath, how can I? I don’t even have swimming clothes! I’m not ready! Gimmi you’re so bad at surprises… Now I don’t wanna go joyriding!”

Gim: (getting distressed)”No… but… um… oh, shoot. You spoiled it. Again.”

Me: “Huh?”

Gim: “We’re going to the West Coast. C’mon. Get ready.” (mutters something about wasting time)

Me: “Yay! I knew it! Tee Hee!”

And so began our wonderful Saturday afternoon joyride through the West Coast. We ended up at Looc, Limpapa, at the border between City and del Norte. The view was fantastic. The waves were beautiful. The sea was pristine.

Tempting though the water was, the belief that I didn’t want to end up as shark fodder, was, thankfully, enough to keep it resistible. That, and Gim managing to drag me away from the shores of Looc.

Flisha and Gim at the West Coast A View from the West Coast Where the River Meets the Sea Gim Posing at the Estuary of Looc, Limpapa Flisha at Looc, Limpapa Gim at Looc, Limpapa Fishing Village at Looc, Limpapa Seashore at Looc, Limpapa Looc, Limpapa Coastline A Treat at McDonalds Afterwards

And after the motorcycle riding and the mountain trekking and the walking back to the city because we had gotten a flat, we felt so proud of ourselves for getting some exercise! And to celebrate, we ate fries and ice cream at McDonalds.


  1. nice view, fli! i SO miss the beach! waahh!!!
    anda tamen ta alyi when i get back, k?
    miss zc and u!