Dimsum Diner Closes Down

A few posts ago I was just talking about how Dimsum Diner was one of my favorite fast food joints.

The reason for this is that the food they serve doesn’t really have that fast food kind of quality most chains have. It is actually more of a restaurant than a fast food place, especially the ambience. But unlike restaurants, Dimsum Diner serves their customers impressively quickly. So whenever I want to eat restaurant food but only have an hour to spare, I go to Dimsum Diner and order a combination of any of my affordable favorites: chicken/pork steamed rice, beef/asado/kingdao rice, beef/asado/shin noodles, mango pandan/sago, black samba, buchi, oh and more yummy treats. (Mmm, my tummy’s rumbling at the thought of all this delectable delights!)

Gim and I were driving by Nuñez Extension this afternoon, and we passed by Dimsum Diner. To our shock, it was closed! But why?!! Dimsum is supposed to be open 24/7.

Upon closer inspection, we noticed that the area around the restaurant looked kinda shabby, as if it had been closed for some time already and nobody was bothering to clean up the dust that was building up on its walls and shutters. All the lights were closed and you could barely make out the large signboard in the dimming sunlight. Also, on the front door was a sign that said: “For Rent”.

I could only speculate why they had decided to shut down. Perhaps they were getting too much competition from the other restaurants or fast food chains. Remember, Dimsum is surrounded by Greenwich, Jollibee, KFC and the newly opened Pizzito, not to mention the many family restaurants in the area (Alejandras, Carlito’s Grille, etc). Perhaps, due to it being summer, their customers had dwindled down and they weren’t making any profits anymore. (KFC and Pizzito seem to be suffering the same fate, but Greenwich and Jollibee seem to be faring well.) Who knows?

It’s really unfortunate, because most people I know like Dimsum Diner. And usually, whenever I go there, the place is packed with people. For sure, this joint will be sorely missed. Especially come the new schoolyear. We can only hope they realize they’ve made a mistake and reopen after summer.

But if they don’t, hasta la vista Dimsum Diner! Donnel and Carmi and Gim and I will miss you!! ;-)

Don and Carmi at Dimsum Diner


  1. HUWAT?!? dimsum diner is closed? boo hoo hoo. and it was one of my fave restaurants in zc, too (though they did make us walk all the way there from zc only to tell us they don’t have what we want on their menu. hehe. remember this?).
    i just hope manang terry’s chicken inato does not close down. i’m so looking forward to their chicken pa naman.

  2. i’m sure they won’t, dos branches ya gane el manang terry’s, one is right behind ateneo. gim and i used to go there a lot when i was still in CBO, and it was usually crowded basta lunch so i think porsigido ya gad kel sila. :)

  3. dimsum diner closed down because of management problems and not because they don’t have enough customers. i’ll surely miss pork steamed rice and mango pandan :o)

  4. management problems? ansina, sayang gad. i never thought of that, maybe because whenever i went there, it seemed as though the place was being managed very well since the waitresses/waiters were very courteous and quick. ah, sayang gad.

  5. management problems? whattheheckisthat?
    late reaction: kfc with few customers? huwat the heck is wrong with zambo pipol?!? kfc serves the best fried chicken among all fast foods! with this kind of problem, hinde ya gad man-asenso el zc.