French Me Without Flinching

See the difference?

Pretty Girl, Bad Teeth Pretty Profile, Pretty Teeth

How about now?

Loved Girl, RottenTeeth Happy Girl, Good Teeth

Yes, you got it! Yay! This girl has got new front teeth! Dental surgery!!! Have a look at my nice, new, front teeth. Tee Hee!

I went to the dentist last week to have my molar fixed (the empasta broke). Doc ended up convincing me that aside from my molar refurnishing, I needed to have my dirty mouth *professionally* cleaned (she couldn’t do anything about my language though, heheh!).

She also insulted my pride by telling me I had horrendous, yes, horrendous front teeth! The white enamel! What would people think! Who would ever kiss me? (Of course I didn’t nastily inform her that my pervert of a boyfriend seems to love it. She might pull my entire set out!) The horror! The horror!

And so I ended up letting her *fix* my front teeth. After a pocket-draining hour on her dentist’s chair, I handed over my last 2000 pesos. (Remember I am jobless.) Having milked me for all I was worth, she happily told me I looked so much prettier now.

Big Teeth, Clean Teeth

Yeah, right.