A Gim and Flisha Senti Fest

I have just resigned from my latest job. As of the moment, I am wondering whether to stay or to leave (for //wherever) to find work. As you can imagine, this has got my poor little Gimmi all worked up.

Gimmi: “Love, so, um, what’re your plans?”

Me: “Mhmm… about what?”

Gimmi: “You know, work…”

Me: “I don’t know… I’m not sure, really. If I stay, there aren’t many, well, *if* any, opportunities for me to become a *real* programmer, ya know? But then if I go, I’ll have to be bothered about board and lodging, , transportation… I won’t have personal access to my TV, my Internet… so.”

Gimmi: “Okayyy… so, um, what *are* your plans?”

Me: “I really don’t know, basically. Watcha think? Can’t decide for my undecided self.”

Gimmi: (he kinda chokes on his words) “I just want you to know, Fli, I hope, um, I’m not, like, *tying* you down, right? I mean… I want you to know… that… um, I’m totally supporting you on this, right?”

Gimmi: (he starts to sound firm) “I want you to be happy. I want you to find the right job for you, whether it be here or Manila or even abroad. I just want you to know that I love you very much.”

Gimmi: (then he manages to chortle everything out in one breath) “…and if you go I probably won’t be able to eat, sleep, think, breathe, or do anything anymore. BUT i totally support you, lovedoo.”

The poor baby! He’s very very scared. Tonight, before he slept he sent me *twelve* (yes, 12!) messages (thanks to Smart Philippines’ Unlimited Text Promo) telling me how he felt about things.

It went something like this:

“fli i love u. pls dnt leave me. i will die f u leave me. hu wil i take 2 d movies? wer wil i go 4 free internet n pc games? hu wil b my pilow wen im tired? hus hous wil i take a bath in wen ders no water at our hous? hu wil make libre 2 me wen im hungry n dont hav moni? hu wil i hug wen im lonely? hu wil i dance d ‘asereje song’ 4? hu wil sing karaoke w me? hu wil take care f me wen im sick? hu wil i tickle n make fun of? hu wil laugh at my corny jokes? hu?!? *sob* bt f u wil b hapier elswer dn i wil also b hapi 4 u. i love u fli. nytnyt. ol ds crying s makng my head hurt. i hav 2 slp na. 2mrw m off 2 work so i cn make some money n dn bribe u 2 stay w me. i love u vry mch.”

Tsk, tsk. Thank God for Gimmi.

Oh, and I couldn’t resist showing off *another* pic of me and Gim. Heehee!

Flisha and Gim


  1. i can’t believe you resigned! that took guts, girl! wish i could resign tamen. i like my work only coz of my laptop and internet access. hehe. besides, if i resign, where’d i end up? i support myself now. i need my salary!

  2. i don’t know if it really took guts. it was a decision that i should have made earlier. government work isn’t really for me. guess i’ll just have to look elsewhere! =)