Hating Blogger

Don’t you just hate Blogger sometimes???

It has so many limitations.

For one, it can’t host pictures. So you have to use Flickr or Photobucket. (I tried to use ’s own Hello + Picasa but it takes forevah to load!)

Second, you can’t have categories. How helpful are archives by month, or worse, week, really??? I’d rather categorize my posts by content rather than by date, wouldn’t you? It would be so much easier for viewers to find the posts that they were interested in instead of browsing through your endless rantings that had no connection to one another except that they’d been written continuously.

For another, you can’t upload additional HTML pages. I know, I know, it’s a blog site. But *still*, there are just times when you need some extra space! Like when you’re a devoted HTML fan and you just looove editing your page. And you can’t put an iframe on your blog because where will it point to when you can’t upload another file on your server?!?

See, I’ve been talking about redesigning my blog. And I have created a design already — it’s been in my PC for weeks. I can’t host my background on Blogger so I put it up on Geocities, my favorite free server before it was acquired by Yahoo. Now I use an iframe in this new design and it’s supposed to point to the page where I will put my blog posts. Ok, so I also upload this to Geocities. Now my Blogger post tags are on this page hosted by Geocities. So when I load my page on Blogger the template tags don’t work. Ok, so I change my base tag to point to my Blogger subdomain, not to my Geocities subdomain. But it still won’t work!!! Arrgghhh!!!

Which brings me to my last observed limitation:

Blogger’s support *sucks* !!! I click on almost every page of Blogger Help and I can’t find an answer to my problem. I scourge the web for enlightenment, but nothing!!! Just found ex-Bloggers who have moved on to better hosts! So I *finally* decide on my last resort. Email Blogger Help.

So I email and tell them, hi, can you help me, I need to know how I can solve my prob, blah blah blah, and I get as detailed and as humble and as helpless as I can possibly sound on paper, and I wait and *hope* for a response.

Next day I open my Gmail, and look, there it is! A reply from Blogger. Wow, that was quick, I thought, so happy to hear from them. I read my email, and what do I find??


It’s an automated reply which redirects me to Blogger Help and tells me to email them again if I don’t find an answer to my question.


And so I am giving up on *ever* using an iframe with Blogger.

If anybody wants to see what was supposed to be my new layout for Blogger, here it is, still in very very raw form, as you can see all the Blogger tags are there, and I hadn’t edited my sidebar or my header yet, and so, ugly as it is: (Might put this up in Tabulas, though, I’m starting a new account there.)


If anybody else has had the same experience as I have, please email me. Misery just looooves company.