Sweet N’ Tangy Porkchops

There are a lot of things I love about life. I love the way it makes me gasp by letting me glimpse the wonderful and sometimes awesome radiance of dawn. I love how it tickles my heart by memorable moments spent with family and friends, bursting with mirth and gaiety. I love how it makes my stomach flutter from the soft kisses of my one true love. But perhaps what I love most about life (aside from Flisha) is food. Yep, I love to eat — and cook.

Warm and juicy chicken omelet, sweet and tangy sausage pasta, crisp and fresh garden salad… Just thinking of them makes my mouth water (it doesn’t help that it’s 1 o’ clock in the afternoon and I haven’t had any lunch yet).

A few years ago (actually, more than a decade ago), I often wondered how my fave fastfood joints like Jollibee and Pizzahut made such delectable and delightful morsels that had that unmistakable fatsfood tang to it. I soon found out firsthand when my family started our first fastfood business. My dad was the cook. He prepared and crafted our recipes, and naturally, I was his assisstant. Through the years, I amassed a wealth of recipes which (with the *persistent* prodding of my very scrumptious Flisha) I’d like to share with you. Recipes that I’ve had the luxury of honing due to my current job as a professional bum while I wait until I begin med school.

So, for my first recipe. Here it is, Sweet N’ Tangy Porkchops… *claps hands delightedly*


– Two Large Slices of Pork (Custillas)
– One Whole Orange
– 2-3 Spoonfuls of Kikoman (a special kind of soy sauce)
– 2- 3 Spoonfuls of Sugar
– Flour

Boil pork until tender. While pork is boiling, peel off and squeeze orange into a mixing bowl. Add Kikoman and sugar (the quantity of kikoman and sugar depends on your taste — if you want it a bit saltier, add more kikoman; if sweeter, more sugar) mix. Marinade boiled pork in the mixture. Braise in flour. Deep fry until brown and crispy. Enjoy! (Serves two).

Remember, imagination is a very substantial part of cooking. So imagine what you want your food to taste like, then do it! ;D