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Tinkering with Graphics

Posted on 25 April 2005 by Flisha

I’ve been experimenting with paths in Photoshop.

After 5+ years of being a novice, I’ve decided that I better up my ante NOW, not SOON, SOMEDAY, WHEN I’M 60 YEARS OLD, MAYBE.

Here’s what I came up with.


That’s a cartoon Flisha!


  1. Anonymous says:

    You look like your mom in the cartoon you made

  2. Flisha says:

    i noticed that too but i didn’t think anybody else would… since that cartoon doesn’t look like my mom NOW but my mom when she was younger…

    which means you probably knew her way way back… or saw her pics of way back…

    gim is that you?

    identify yourself! =)

    btw, i traced that cartoon from a picture of myself… weirded me out when it turned out like that.

  3. LiLaC says:

    hi fli! no, they’re probably not sending me ya kasi the engagement will start may pa daw and i’m leaving ya gane.
    btw, yaliga ya el yearbooks? have u seen them na? ok ba yasale?

  4. gim says:

    cool! but yup, u do look like ur mom, love. when she was younger i mean.
    anak gane gad tu dsuyu. hehe. love you!


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