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Training in the University

Posted on 30 May 2005 by Flisha

Well, it’s been a tiring day and my eyes are drooping like 80-year-old breasts. Not so much from the activities of the day but from the fact that it’s the first time in 12 weeks that I have seen that big yellow orb of light (what do you call it again, sun?) in the east. I’d actually forgotten. I’d begun thinking it rose in the west and sunk in the west. Hurt my eyes, the glare, it did. (Sorry, Star Wars hangover.)

I showed up for my orientation seminar an hour late. Was so excited I couldn’t sleep last night so I slept in the morning instead. Got educated on university policies and all that. Interesting stuff. What I liked most was the lack of uniforms (for the admin, that is) save for a few dress codes, as the Senior Dean enunciated: “Not too low a hemline, not too high a neckline.” Or, uh, was it the other way around? Hmm, must have dozed off during that century. But I remember a lot of other things. Like, for our morning snack we had a sandwich and for our afternoon snack we had a cupcake. Yum.

I’m excited for tomorrow! My pamphlet says we’re to have a quick training on the “Whole Brain Approach”. I hear a well-built gorgeous muscled guy usually demonstrates the 20-minute workout.


Before Sunrise and Sunset

Posted on 29 May 2005 by Flisha

bs1 I thought it was only one movie, so I went to the nearest video store and rented that movie starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. It was on the shelf labeled “New Releases” so I took it.

Turns out the movie I watched — “Before Sunrise” was made in 1995. Okay, so that explained a lot of things. First and foremost, why Ethan Hawke looked surprisingly good for his age. The next thing I thought was, “Stupid video store.”

Anyway, the movie was… dragging, to say the least. Talk, talk, talk. It’s about a woman and a man who meet on a train and decide to take a walk around Vienna and fall in love during the day. The entire movie they just talk — about their feelings, their likes, their dislikes, their thoughts about dating and relationships, God, love, commitment…. Wow. I’ve never met a man who could talk that much. Even my talkative boyfriend breathes sometimes.bs2

The movie ends when the next day comes and they have to go their separate ways. They decide to meet each other in six months. Nine years later, there’s a new movie called “Before Sunset.” Typical American guy. Meets a French woman on a train, beds her and never looks back. Julie Delpy’s character’s words, not mine.

Based on its prequel, should I rent this movie? If only to see how graceful they’ve aged (or haven’t), I probably will. I only hope I see more action this time around.


Time for Mango Sago Shake

Posted on 27 May 2005 by Flisha

05may28(22)Brrr! It’s cold! In weather like this, Gim and I *love* to eat cold desserts!

I know, it’s weird. Shouldn’t we be eating hot soup in cold weather and frozen ice cream in summer? Well, we don’t eat hot food in hot weather, of course, wouldn’t that be ickier than ick? But we love ice cream and milk shakes when it’s raining. Like now!

So it’s 10PM and Gim and I are still hungry, even after a scrumptious dinner of garlic rice, fried bangus and asao pescao (yumyum!).

We go into the kitchen looking for something to eat. I see a pack of sago in the cupboard. I’ve never made sago, and I’ve always wanted to, so Gim and I decide to come up with our own recipe for Mango Sago (our favorite dessert from Dimsum Diner). We boil the sago and, while waiting, peel 3 small mangoes and one banana (only one left!), and prepare a bowl of cream mixed with condensed milk, which we then leave inside the freezer.

40 minutes later, the sago is still half-cooked. But then it’s almost 11PM and Gim’s gotta go home already! Who knew such a little round ball of gelatin could take so long to cook? Well, anyway, we decide to make the shake already. So, we pour in our mangoes and banana into the blender, add a bit of water, add a bit of evaporated milk, add a bit of sugar, and start the blender.

Then I open the ref to get some ice and, to our frustration (grr!), no ice cubes in the ice trays!!! Don’t you just hate that? I’ll remember to bite off my sister’s head tomorrow for forgetting to replace the ice!

Arrrgh! Cold water will just have to do, then. So, we add some cold water to the blender, give it a couple of minutes to mix everything, and then we store it in the freezer. Gim takes a piece of sago from the fire and bites into it. There’s still a bit of hard sago in the middle but, well, it will have to do. So he rinses it in cold water and drops a spoonful each into our glasses. Next, we add a large dollop of our sweetened cream in each glass, then we pour in our shake, then add another layer of cream, then end with a sprinkle of cereal flakes on top. Ta da! Mango Sago!

Mmm, ultra-yummy! But it’s past 11PM now so Gim has to finish his serving in ten minutes. Not to mention his bowels are making threatening sensations. (Hehehe, mango does that to you!) I, however, get to save half my shake in the freezer where it’s just gonna get yummier. Oh, and I have an extra serving, too, for a midnight snack, ‘coz my mom has declined to take a serving. Hehe!

Here are some pics we took while drinking our Mango Sago. We were trying to have a contest on who could look the most adorable while drinking Mango Sago.

05may28(19) 05may28(14) 05may28(15)He loves me.

05may28(13) 05may28(20) 05may28(02)So even though he’s cuter….

05may28(03)I still win!



A Freakish Experience

Posted on 25 May 2005 by Flisha

The most horrible experience in his life — and it was happening there and then.

He and his entire family, including his parents, siblings and cousins are vacationing in a little-known plush island resort. So classy is this resort that it has a five-star hotel and ten different swimming pools of varying depth, sizes and strength of artificial waves. Most of the pools are located at the ground floor but the 22-storied hotel houses its own indoor pools, one per story.

So, anyway, he’s inside the hotel having the time of his life, lounging around in a watercraft on the rooftop pool when suddenly, from out of nowhere, he sees this weird whitish log floating around just below his vessel. He takes a sharper look at the water, and to his utter shock and horror, a corpse floats up from the bottom of the translucent liquid.

As quick as lightning (forgive me if the term is inappropriate) he reports it to security. After an initial examination by the medical team, it is concluded that the lifeless person had drowned hours ago, due to having got caught in the pool’s electrical drainage system and not being able to break free to save his life. Word has gotten around and the resort’s visitors are crowding in on the scene.

Suddenly, the skies turn dark and the air gets clammy. He could hear thunder in the distance. It starts to rain, and the floors become slippery. The visitors start pushing and shoving one another for shelter. Someone shouts an order to get off the rooftop, and in their haste, it seems as though some people are having trouble with the hotel’s staff. There’s a commotion, and before he knows it, a bellboy is suddenly shoved off the rooftop and falls 22 floors down, near one of the pools. The people who see this start screaming and crying for help, but it’s useless, the poor kid has suffered an instant death, his skull cracked and pieces of his brain smeared on the hotel floor.

The crowds are shocked. A scream pierces through the silence. It comes from the fifth floor. Another unfortunate being has just been electrocuted when he touched a high voltage power source located near the pool. Upon learning of this disturbance, all hell breaks loose.

People start screaming bloody murder while all around is the crashing sound of rain, lightning and thunder. An entity appears through the fog and begins to speak in a loud, echoing voice. It tells of a story of a little-known resort island resort haunted by ghosts who murder the living.

It dawns upon his that this is probably why the hotel rooms were valued at such a cheap price of a hundred pesos each per night, or that the entrance fee was a mere ten pesos per individual. But this is not the time for thinking. There are more important things to attend to.

At this time, he is at the third floor. Not wasting any time, he runs to find his father. It is time they left the resort. His family is safe, all but for two members, his brother and his cousin. They are bathing in one of the ground floor pools. Without any hesitation, he and his father dive through a broken window, falling to the ground floor, where there is a deep pool filled with live starving sharks. Desperately they swim to their relatives, but luckily manage to save them and get out of the pool barely in time.

Blood is everywhere, and the stench of death is permeating…

And then he wakes up.

And tells me of his nightmare.

And I say, “Good grief, love. You must be mad. All along you were sleeping soundly like a baby, and with a smile on your face!”


Gold Digger!

Posted on 25 May 2005 by Flisha


She is a gold digger.

I came to that conclusion as I was lying on Flisha’s bed one cold, wet, rainy afternoon; my head on her tummy. We were cuddling up as usual, enjoying each other’s company and the feel of each other’s skin. The following conversation ensued:

Me (feeling all cheezy and sentimental): Love, I wanna marry you.

Fli (raising an eyebrow): You do?

Me (suddenly feeling all giddy): Yes! I do! I wanna have kids with you, raise a family with you… I can’t wait!

Fli: But Love, it’s too early. You’re still going to med school.

Me (morosely): I know. (and then enthusiastically) But I bet it would be loads of fun!

Fli: That’s why you have to hurry up and be a doctor already.

Me (all smiles): I could teach. You know I love to teach. Then we can get married in a year or two.

Fli (matter-of-factly): I’m not marrying you if you’re not a doctor.

Me: Huh? Excuse me?

Fli: I want a nice, picturesque chateau in France, you know. And of course a chaffeur-driven Mercedes-Benz . What soon-to-be bride wouldn’t want want one? And I want a six-month Carribean cruise for the initial honeymoon.

Me (incredulously): Initial honeymoon?

Fli: Yes, initial. For the real honeymoon, I want a trip around the world: New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen…

What did I do, you say? What could I do? Nothing! I love her, for crying out loud! And I’d give her all these, if I could.

Needless to say, I ended up seriously contemplating my future.

I’m still gonna marry her.


Language Barriers

Posted on 23 May 2005 by Flisha

I have a new job! Yay!

It’s not even my first day yet (I’ll start in June) but already I was invited to a get-together with my future co-workers. I arrive 30 minutes late to dinner, through no fault of mine. I see they’ve finished eating. Fast eaters, these future coworkers of mine. I see we’ll get along just fine.

They usher me in, order extra rice. Good thing somebody else is late or else I couldn’t have eaten a thing, eating alone in public. Everybody welcomes me, then resumes the previous topic of conversation. Everybody talks all at once, laughs all at once, shrieks all at once. From amidst all the noise, my ear picks up a line, “Kabalo ni?” (“Do you understand?”)

Gamay…” (“A little…”) I squeak out with a sheepish smile. And everybody laughs once again and resumes talking in Bisaya, a dialect I barely understand but is slowly taking over the turf of Chavacano speakers. I see I have much to learn.

The rest of the night I spend nodding when anybody talks and laughing when anybody laughs. I struggle to memorize words. Very important is, “Unsa?” (“What?”)

I’m sure I’ll use it much in my work.


Sleeping Positions

Posted on 21 May 2005 by Flisha

freefallA BBC article says that a person’s sleeping position reflects his personality. Here are 6 common subconscious positions:

Foetus — tough on the inside, sensitive at heart
Log — easygoing, social, trusting, gullible
Yearner — open natured, suspicious, cynical, decisive
Soldier — quiet, reserved
Freefaller — gregarious, brash, nervy, thin-skinned
Starfish — friendly, helpful

Erm, I’m a freefaller. But… gregarious, brash, nervy and skin-thinned? Harumph. I think BBC’s insulting me. On the other hand, they got my boyfriend right. He’s definitely a starfish. But don’t ask me how I know.


Orange Dipped, Apple Kissed Sisig

Posted on 21 May 2005 by Flisha

Imagine the salty, spicy taste of sisig blended with the heady aroma of apples and the tangy flavor of orange. Heavenly, right? For my first recipe in this blog; Sisig with a twist.


2 whole Lechon (roasted pork) ears, diced into lil’ cubes
1 Orange
1 Apple
Asian Cabbage, chopped roundly from top
White Onions, cut into rings
Salt, Pepper, MSG

Sautee garlic in butter until light brown. Throw in diced lechon ears, tomatoes, and onions. Sautee for a couple more minutes. Squeeze orange juice (include pulp) in it and continue to suatee. Season with salt, pepper, and MSG. Add asian cabbage and apples. Sautee for two- three minutes, serve.



I’m Real!

Posted on 21 May 2005 by Flisha

Hi y’all! I’m Gim, remember me? I’m the guy Fli addressed that letter, poem and song to (yup, cheezy and senti, I know. But hey, I love her too. hehe.). I’m also the instigator of those elevator kisses, and…the one who thought SDRam was a place where prostitutes did their thing. What was that? Naive, you say? Yes! You’re right! I *am* naive! Just goes to show who corrupted who. Hehe. Just kidding.

Anyway, me n’ Fli decided it’d be cool to merge our blogs. Transform it into a kind of He-said-She-said sort of blog. And to prove to readers that I’m not just a figment of Fli’s imagination. Hehe. So, enjoy the posts and keep on reading!

PS to all you maincourse readers, don’t worry. This is just a change of address. I’ll still be posting recipes, albeit from a different location. Don’t stop celebrating Life! :)



Tales from the Toilet

Posted on 20 May 2005 by Flisha

ToiletJust came from the loo, and if you guys don’t like disgusting stories like these, don’t read any further.

Ohhhh, my rectum hurts. I thought my bout of LBM (loose bowel movement) of two days ago had already ended. I ‘d eaten some reheated pasta early this week, and my insides went all ultra-sensitive about it, and immediately my system flushed it out. And not in that dark, solid, clumpy way. But in that greenyellowish, watery, foul-smelling way.

Yesterday my tummy was feeling stable, not at all crampy. I got through lunch and dinner a-ok. Today was different. Having woken up at 3PM, I decided to forego lunch and head straight to an afternoon snack, which was, yum, pistachio ice cream (my favorite!). Maybe that’s why my poo looked all green and creamy. Hehe.

Know what I hate about letting loose? It’s all that noisy farting! Our bathroom has a light wooden door, and if I’m showering in there, one can hear it even from the sala (if one listens hard enough), and so much more from the adjoining bedrooms. Now how can I shit comfortably when I’m so embarrassed that my farts might be heard by someone? So, usually, I try to control my muscles and I go, “Proot — shush — proot — shush — prooooot…” ‘Coz my initial farts aren’t that loud, but if I pass my gas out all at once, it gets louder and louder every second. It doesn’t help that the bowl retaliates with a resounding echo, making my farts sound all that much louder. Somebody should make toilets that absorb farts. I need one.

Know what I like about relieving myself? That it feels really good afterwards, and during. Doesn’t it? Especially when you’ve been holding it in for so long, telling yourself that oh no, I’m not gonna go there for the 6th time today!!! And when you finally release it, your muscles all go slack and you feel like they’re worshipping you for your sound decision. ‘Course, the same muscles feel really sore afterwards, like you’ve run a marathon, only your rectum did all the running.

Know what’s interesting about going to the loo? I don’t know if you do this too or if it’s just some weird thing my body does, but I totally know when I’m done ‘coz when I’m done pooing, I pee. Poo, then pee. Really, it never fails. Even if I peed right before I pooed (which happens most of the time), I’ll still pee right after, but it’ll be only a wee little drop or so ‘coz I already peed before. Weird huh? But useful. If I haven’t peed yet then I know there’s still more to come. Maybe it’s psychological.

Can’t remember a time when I couldn’t use the toilet all alone, though I’m sure my parents always attended to my needs when I was still a baby. But I’m glad I’m not a baby anymore. I’d hate to be as helpless as this poor little kid:

Baby Shit

I warned you.



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