Before Sunrise and Sunset

bs1 I thought it was only one movie, so I went to the nearest video store and rented that movie starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. It was on the shelf labeled “New Releases” so I took it.

Turns out the movie I watched — “Before Sunrise” was made in 1995. Okay, so that explained a lot of things. First and foremost, why Ethan Hawke looked surprisingly good for his age. The next thing I thought was, “Stupid video store.”

Anyway, the movie was… dragging, to say the least. Talk, talk, talk. It’s about a woman and a man who meet on a train and decide to take a walk around Vienna and fall in love during the day. The entire movie they just talk — about their feelings, their likes, their dislikes, their thoughts about dating and relationships, God, love, commitment…. Wow. I’ve never met a man who could talk that much. Even my talkative boyfriend breathes sometimes.bs2

The movie ends when the next day comes and they have to go their separate ways. They decide to meet each other in six months. Nine years later, there’s a new movie called “Before Sunset.” Typical American guy. Meets a French woman on a train, beds her and never looks back. Julie Delpy’s character’s words, not mine.

Based on its prequel, should I rent this movie? If only to see how graceful they’ve aged (or haven’t), I probably will. I only hope I see more action this time around.


  1. I loved both these movies… but if you didn’t like the first one, you will be bored by the second. I’d go by that…

  2. hey fli…i think there’s a movie called “after sunset.” totally unrelated to those two, i think. now that one is action-packed. you should see that is action is what you want.

  3. well i watched the second movie, and guess what, it’s worse!! the guy goes to france to promote his bestselling book about the night he spent with the french woman, the french woman visits him in the bookstore and for two hours straight (no time cuts) they talk and talk and talk, and right when you’re at the edge of your seat (though it’s gonna take such a looooong time to get there) wondering if they’re gonna get back together or how they will resolve the issue of his being married and her being in a relationship… the movie ends!!! Bitin!!! Aaarrgh!

  4. baka there’s gonna be a 3rd movie. before midnight? before dawn? before whatever? hehehe.