The Distance

Despite my ravings about what a fun week I’m going to have compared to Flisha’s, truth is, I’m still not going to have that much fun. What fun is there when you know a part of you is somewhere else? When you know your home will not be there for five whole days?

I’m really going to miss you, love. In fact, I’m missing you already just thinking about you not being with me for five whole days. *sigh*. What makes it bearable is that at least, its only for five days. Come again? Did I hear you muttering something about obsession? Right you are, I am obsessed!

I’m obsessed about Flisha! She’s turned me into a lovesick puppy! Nay, more like a love smitten lunatic! Oh, what a bane love is! It reduces men of honor and dignity, might and valor (men like me), into melted putty. No longer the proud and honorable creatures we are, we grovel at the feet of whoever has ensnared our stalwart hearts, binding it to theirs and making us slaves to their every whim. Such is our plight that we would never, NEVER dream of being freed from this bondage. For to be freed would mean certain death. Oh, love!

So what do I do, for one whole week? Crawl up in the corner, watch the minutes pass, and sing ‘the Distance’ by Evan and Jaron.