Elevator Kisses

As you know (if you’ve been regularly reading this blog), my mama and my sister were diagnosed with dengue last week so for the past seven days, I have been attending to their needs 24/7. (Yesterday the doctor released them from the hospital, advising lots of rest and liquid intake, so now we’re all at home and okay.)

During that trying week, Gimmi, the perfect boyfriend was by my side every spare moment he had. But being with him, watching Mama and Melisse, is nowhere near the same as being alone with him.

What I hated the most was not being able to freely hug and kiss my Gimmi. That bummed me out, because he and I hadn’t been sharing that many kisses lately already. It started around March, when I would limit our kisses to pecking, and totally doing away with frenching. He gets really hurt when I don’t kiss him for more than 30 seconds, that he gives me the cold shoulder and pouts cutely all day long. I tell him, “Gimmi, it’s the middle of summer, it’s sweltering hot, my upper lip is bathing in sweat and my saliva is so thick it’s starting to feel like nostril mucus. You still wanna stick your tongue inside my mouth?”

It’s May now, though, and it’s been a wet rainy week all throughout, and the weather’s been mighty cold, perfect for snuggling and cuddling and kissing. But when you’re in a small hospital room with your dengue-d mother and sister tossing and turning on their cots and nurses coming in every five minutes to measure their blood pressure, administer medicines, change their dextrose, and check their blood platelets… Well, there’s really no time nor privacy for anything more intimate than hand holding.

But lovers always find ways, and Gimmi and I found one. Gimmi loved it whenever a nurse came in to say that there were such-and-such medicines to buy. That was the perfect excuse for a short-lived escape – the elevator. Kinky, would you say?

They were really more of a headache. Frantic kissing in a moving elevator begets the same head-floating sensation as seasickness, we found out. Why frantic? Two reasons.

The obvious reason is that Gim and I love each other to death, and when deprived of our daily kisses, we become like animals, pawing and grasping and mauling each other for a taste of each other’s divine saliva.

The other reason is because I am not an exhibitionist, whereas Gim is, well, go ask him instead. Anyway, the hospital had only 3 floors, and even during the late hours, it’s a busy hospital. You never know when somebody’s gonna open the elevator. When we get on an empty elevator, Gim likes to close the door, but leave it on the same floor while he kisses me. Now, I hate that, because somebody might want to use the elevator, and if somebody on the same floor opened the door and found us in there, even if we’re quick to get off each other, it would look very suspicious, and I would be embarrassed to death, even if I didn’t know that person. Gim, of course, wouldn’t mind at all. He’s weird like that. So, when we’re in the elevator, usually we’re kissing but at the same time fighting each other because I would be frantically flailing my arms, trying to reach the elevator buttons to get the elevator moving down to the ground floor, so nobody would think we were doing anything other than going down to get some supplies, while Gimmi would be forcefully holding my hands at bay so I couldn’t push any of the buttons. So while we’re elevator-kissing, it’s like we’re wrestling also, which makes for really bruised lips.

The soul kisses were heady while they lasted, though. Maybe it was because we hadn’t kissed in so long (a day without a kiss from Gimmi is hell), maybe it was from the rush of kissing in such a private yet public place, maybe it was because of the knowledge that we had such a short time before the elevator was going to open (max 1 minute) and so we had to pack up a gargantuous load of emotion into such a short kiss, maybe it was from the sensation of falling from the third to the ground floor, maybe it was from all that body wrestling, or maybe it was simply from the kinkiness of kissing in an elevator, who knows?

All I know is they were great kisses, those elevator kisses.


  1. when deprived of our daily kisses, we become like animals, pawing and grasping and mauling each other for a taste of each other’s divine saliva

    i would really hate to see not seeing each other for… say… a week?? what would you have done then?? hehehe…

    but anyway, haven’t you heard of CCTVs in elevators??


  2. A week? Hahahaha… you wouldn’t wanna know. ;p

    CCTV’s? Perhaps in Manila, but I really doubt Zamboanga hospitals have monitors.

    Nevertheless, it’s not a crime to kiss in elevators, is it?


  3. damn damn damn! i’d love to have elevator kisses too, hehe! try sana namin b4 kaya lang i chickened out, lol! was caught na kase b4 while making out, hahaha! kakahiya sobra, gusto kong maglaho sa planet earth, syet! hehe! :P

  4. You limit the way you kiss your boyfriend and deprive him of things he used to get freely, and then you whine when you can’t do what you weren’t doing anyway?

    God I so don’t miss being a manipulative teenage girl.


  5. Ah…young love!

    Prudence will tell you that there may be cctv cameras in the elevators. There more affordable now and less conspicious.

    Just be careful not to do it in public…

    There’s this crime called “alarms and scandals” in our penal code. A lover’s kiss may be unscandalous nowadays but it could still be in a place that has no cctv cameras in elevators…

    If there are, you’ve put on a good show for those security guards…

    regards to all of you :)

  6. fli, i can’t believe you’d dare write about this! aren’t you afraid your mom or sis would read this? :)
    and to think bien guilty gad yo antes because we used to steal kisses tamen…never in an elevator, though.
    but u know what, everyone is right. there are cctvs in elevators.

  7. hehe. it crossed my mind once but i diddnt give it much thought. and if there was, well…those guards needed a break every now and then. lol! :P

  8. si gim gad, kopyarul na palabra! hehe. great minds think alike.

    i would bet a hundred pesos (one hundred lang ha!) there were no cctv’s in that particular elevator.

    if there were, then the security guards must have been sleeping. othewise they should have come barging in ‘coz if they had been watching it certainly looked like gim was trying to rape me. hehehe.

    kidding, gimmi! mwah!