A Freakish Experience

The most horrible experience in his life — and it was happening there and then.

He and his entire family, including his parents, siblings and cousins are vacationing in a little-known plush island resort. So classy is this resort that it has a five-star hotel and ten different swimming pools of varying depth, sizes and strength of artificial waves. Most of the pools are located at the ground floor but the 22-storied hotel houses its own indoor pools, one per story.

So, anyway, he’s inside the hotel having the time of his life, lounging around in a watercraft on the rooftop pool when suddenly, from out of nowhere, he sees this weird whitish log floating around just below his vessel. He takes a sharper look at the water, and to his utter shock and horror, a corpse floats up from the bottom of the translucent liquid.

As quick as lightning (forgive me if the term is inappropriate) he reports it to security. After an initial examination by the medical team, it is concluded that the lifeless person had drowned hours ago, due to having got caught in the pool’s electrical drainage system and not being able to break free to save his life. Word has gotten around and the resort’s visitors are crowding in on the scene.

Suddenly, the skies turn dark and the air gets clammy. He could hear thunder in the distance. It starts to rain, and the floors become slippery. The visitors start pushing and shoving one another for shelter. Someone shouts an order to get off the rooftop, and in their haste, it seems as though some people are having trouble with the hotel’s staff. There’s a commotion, and before he knows it, a bellboy is suddenly shoved off the rooftop and falls 22 floors down, near one of the pools. The people who see this start screaming and crying for help, but it’s useless, the poor kid has suffered an instant death, his skull cracked and pieces of his brain smeared on the hotel floor.

The crowds are shocked. A scream pierces through the silence. It comes from the fifth floor. Another unfortunate being has just been electrocuted when he touched a high voltage power source located near the pool. Upon learning of this disturbance, all hell breaks loose.

People start screaming bloody murder while all around is the crashing sound of rain, lightning and thunder. An entity appears through the fog and begins to speak in a loud, echoing voice. It tells of a story of a little-known resort island resort haunted by ghosts who murder the living.

It dawns upon his that this is probably why the hotel rooms were valued at such a cheap price of a hundred pesos each per night, or that the entrance fee was a mere ten pesos per individual. But this is not the time for thinking. There are more important things to attend to.

At this time, he is at the third floor. Not wasting any time, he runs to find his father. It is time they left the resort. His family is safe, all but for two members, his brother and his cousin. They are bathing in one of the ground floor pools. Without any hesitation, he and his father dive through a broken window, falling to the ground floor, where there is a deep pool filled with live starving sharks. Desperately they swim to their relatives, but luckily manage to save them and get out of the pool barely in time.

Blood is everywhere, and the stench of death is permeating…

And then he wakes up.

And tells me of his nightmare.

And I say, “Good grief, love. You must be mad. All along you were sleeping soundly like a baby, and with a smile on your face!”


  1. whooow…. i thought it was real when i was still reading the first part… good thing its just a nightmare… i get a lot of nightmares myself…

  2. Time to make you giddy again…

    Well written blog. Consider a career in fiction writing. Have to give you props in this one. Started out a little pitchy…WAIT! I’m starting to sound like a fat black AI4 judge…still have the fever…(ignore the pitchy remark…well done!)

  3. wow, lovedoo! its true, you write so well. it sounded as if you were there. =) btw, don’t forget my story. you know, the one i asked for? thanks and i love you!!

  4. thanks for all the compliments!

    ur right punzi, flattery does make me giddy! ;) hehehehe

    dontcha worry gim ill be writing your story next week. for those who’re wondering what this is, well gim likes for me to write him short stories for when he’s bored, he’s such a bookworm. if i don’t he’s gonna start snooping thru my diaries again! heheheh!