Gmail is Killing Me Softly

If anybody wants a Gmail account, email me. Or you can leave your email address as a comment or on my chatbox. I have 48 invites left over to give and I want to give it away right now.

It’s really starting to become my newest pet peeve. I log into my gmail account and start reading my email. But then at the corner of my eye I can see a blue bordered single-celled table that whispers sneakily: “Give Gmail to: [text box] Send invite. 48 left.”

My mind wills my eyes to stay put on my email, but where the mind is willing, the flesh is weak. (Or, in this case, the visual organ.) My eyes stray to the blue borders. “Noooo….” My mind wails, but my eyes have a mind of their own, and they LOOK.

48 left. Send invite.

But *who* will I send it to? My body shivers. Nobody wants one! I have nobody to send it to! My knees tremble. Nobody’s emailed me yet. And I’ve advertised it so much ’s gotta start paying me for all my trouble!

Oh, no. Does that mean I lack friends? Is nobody emailing me because I am a friendless geek? I feel my mind start crowding with insecurities. Why am I friendless? Am I ugly? Is that it? Is that why I don’t have friends? Omigod, am I too nerdy? Maybe nobody understands me! Or, no no, maybe I am so self absorbed that I have forgotten there is a world out there that does not revolve around me? NOOOOO…….

I start shaking my head to and fro and mumble incoherently. I start to feel that maybe I am becoming autistic. (Hey — that really means “highly intelligent but socially, ehrm…”) Suddenly I feel a sharp pain in my head. It is a book that has fallen off the shelf onto my head. Ouch. But that’s good. I have regained my sanity. So I start browsing through my email again. But then, that blue-bordered single cell starts to tempt my eyes again…. and then the madness starts all over again.

So. If you want to help Flisha become sane again, you *must* help me get rid of that blue-bordered single-celled table on the right side of my Gmail. Please. Email me as soon as possible. I don’t want to die crazy.


  1. Hello! Just blog-hopping. But I have followed your blogs for some time now and you write well… It is only now that I’m commenting.

    I myself have 50 Gmail invites to give away and I have given up on exhausting them.

    The thing is bottomless. Pretty soon, those 48 invites of yours replenishes itself to 50 again.

    Also, I’ve noticed that when you send one to a yahoo account, it goes directly to the spam folder. If I wasn’t diligent enough then, I wouldn’t have gotten my invite when a friend sent me one. I found it in the spam folder. I think that’s intentional. Competition.

    regards. keep on bloggin’

  2. make yourself more labels – that “give gmail to friends” thing will move down the page and you’ll never see it again. bwaah haah haah.

  3. I’m happily oblivious as to what gmail is all about, and don’t care anyway.

  4. There’s a whine about gmail in the archives on the homepage I contribute to.

    You have to learn not to care. I stopped caring about gmail about 3 months ago and when I see that I have 50 invites, I smile, flip it the bird and continue to read emails.

    I have since stopped using gmail as my email account and have gone back to what I was using before. My gmail account is now really handy for storing 2GB of my junk and it’s growing every day.



  5. I have given away 4 gmail invites and they have restored it to 50. There is no point. When they started Gmail,everyone only got 4 invites. Ignore it, you could give away all 50 and still find they will give you 50 more.

  6. what’s with the giving away of the invites anyway? i mean, what happens if you don’t?

  7. Send all your invites to and they will see that people who want them get them. I do that and every once in a while my mailbox gets filled up with “such and such has accepted your invitation to g-mail” so there is semi-proof that they are giving them out.

  8. i signed for gmail ya tamen, fli. hope i don’t go crazy like you.
    about that post regarding a nonexistent person, who do u mean? my ex? or some other jerk?