Humba Eggs

Eggs, eggs! Soft and fluffy, hard yet juicy, fried to perfection… I like eggs any way you cook it. So for todays’ recipe, one of my faves — Humba eggs!


Half a dozen eggs
Laurel leaves
Soy sauce
Salt n Pepper
Pineapple juice (optional)

Hard boil eggs (Flisha has her way of doing this). Mix soy sauce, salt n pepper, sugar, vinegar, MSG, and pineapple juice. Bring to boil. Add crushed garlic and ginger. Drop in eggs (just the way Flisha wants them). Simmer for a few minutes. Serves 6.

*My fondest memory of Humba eggs came from way back when I was in kindergarten. After my mom picks me up from school, we pop in at our fave fastfood joint and snack on these tasty mouthfuls. :)