I’m Real!

Hi y’all! I’m Gim, remember me? I’m the guy Fli addressed that letter, poem and song to (yup, cheezy and senti, I know. But hey, I love her too. hehe.). I’m also the instigator of those elevator kisses, and…the one who thought SDRam was a place where prostitutes did their thing. What was that? Naive, you say? Yes! You’re right! I *am* naive! Just goes to show who corrupted who. Hehe. Just kidding.

Anyway, me n’ Fli decided it’d be cool to merge our blogs. Transform it into a kind of He-said-She-said sort of blog. And to prove to readers that I’m not just a figment of Fli’s imagination. Hehe. So, enjoy the posts and keep on reading!

PS to all you maincourse readers, don’t worry. This is just a change of address. I’ll still be posting recipes, albeit from a different location. Don’t stop celebrating Life! :)



  1. Hello!

    So, like, will you change the title of this blog to, like “Self-Absorbed Couple,” or like “Two People Absorbed with each other” or “Mutually Absorbed Couple?” Heheheheheh!

  2. Hi! Dunno yet. we’re still coming up with a name. but it definitely will be changed. :)

  3. haha punzi something like that though i’m afraid it won’t have the same ring to it as ‘self absorbed female’ … but it’s a thought in progress. ;)