Soap Pet Peeve

Don’t you just hate it when you enter the bathroom and you’re about to take a bath but then you notice there’s a tiny strand of pubic hair stuck to your bar of soap?


What’s worse is that you know it’s not yours because you’re perfectly trimmed down there.


  1. do you share your own soap bar? even if its my own and see one of my cute pubic hair, i’ll puke! hahaha. you’re funny.

  2. If this happens to me, I’ll just thank my lucky stars it was not stuck to my toothbrush…

    Hirap kasi maging babae. Pati “yon” kailangang trimmed…

  3. I once lived in a household where this occured way too much. We started checking the soap after showers and fining people $5 a pop. Good for the beer kitty! Those were the days!

  4. Living alone means that all of those lil pubes are mine. I just remember to wash my face before I wash down there.

  5. haha!! that’s so funny!! i use body wash. anyway, when it comes to cleaning the bathroom, you’ll see pretty much of pubic hair clogging the drain hole..haha