Time for Mango Sago Shake

05may28(22)Brrr! It’s cold! In weather like this, Gim and I *love* to eat cold desserts!

I know, it’s weird. Shouldn’t we be eating hot soup in cold weather and frozen ice cream in summer? Well, we don’t eat hot food in hot weather, of course, wouldn’t that be ickier than ick? But we love ice cream and milk shakes when it’s raining. Like now!

So it’s 10PM and Gim and I are still hungry, even after a scrumptious dinner of garlic rice, fried bangus and asao pescao (yumyum!).

We go into the kitchen looking for something to eat. I see a pack of sago in the cupboard. I’ve never made sago, and I’ve always wanted to, so Gim and I decide to come up with our own recipe for Mango Sago (our favorite dessert from Dimsum Diner). We boil the sago and, while waiting, peel 3 small mangoes and one banana (only one left!), and prepare a bowl of cream mixed with condensed milk, which we then leave inside the freezer.

40 minutes later, the sago is still half-cooked. But then it’s almost 11PM and Gim’s gotta go home already! Who knew such a little round ball of gelatin could take so long to cook? Well, anyway, we decide to make the shake already. So, we pour in our mangoes and banana into the blender, add a bit of water, add a bit of evaporated milk, add a bit of sugar, and start the blender.

Then I open the ref to get some ice and, to our frustration (grr!), no ice cubes in the ice trays!!! Don’t you just hate that? I’ll remember to bite off my sister’s head tomorrow for forgetting to replace the ice!

Arrrgh! Cold water will just have to do, then. So, we add some cold water to the blender, give it a couple of minutes to mix everything, and then we store it in the freezer. Gim takes a piece of sago from the fire and bites into it. There’s still a bit of hard sago in the middle but, well, it will have to do. So he rinses it in cold water and drops a spoonful each into our glasses. Next, we add a large dollop of our sweetened cream in each glass, then we pour in our shake, then add another layer of cream, then end with a sprinkle of cereal flakes on top. Ta da! Mango Sago!

Mmm, ultra-yummy! But it’s past 11PM now so Gim has to finish his serving in ten minutes. Not to mention his bowels are making threatening sensations. (Hehehe, mango does that to you!) I, however, get to save half my shake in the freezer where it’s just gonna get yummier. Oh, and I have an extra serving, too, for a midnight snack, ‘coz my mom has declined to take a serving. Hehe!

Here are some pics we took while drinking our Mango Sago. We were trying to have a contest on who could look the most adorable while drinking Mango Sago.

05may28(19) 05may28(14) 05may28(15)He loves me.

05may28(13) 05may28(20) 05may28(02)So even though he’s cuter….

05may28(03)I still win!



  1. Buti pa sa inyo malamig…

    Here, that kind of cold drink is a must. Of course not to excess…

    Me, I prefer “four seasons” pearl shake, that I had yesterday waiting for my daughter’s take-out pizza in a popular fast food place.


  2. mmmmm…that was yummy, love. but i don’t see how my loving you makes you cuter in the mango- sago- drinking-picutres…ok, fine, you ARE cuter. it’s a good thing I love you. hehe. =P

  3. i love mangoes!!! no mangoes in autumn :( might have to wait when i go home sometime this yr.