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A Whole Lotta (Pics Of) Gim

Posted on 26 June 2005 by Flisha

Those were the days when Gimmi and I had nothing to do the entire day but sleep, cook, eat, cuddle and more sleep. Was it only two weeks ago?? Summer seems so far away now. But at least we still have pictures to remember them lovely days by…

05june25(15) 05june25(10) 05june25(08) 05june25(12)

Haha, Gimmi looks so soft when he undresses. =) I’m not complaining, and really it’s with an affectionate tone of voice that I address him as “lungkoy” or “layung” or “lata”, hehe. But he’s taken it very seriously so now he works out every morning doing who knows how many sets of push ups and sit ups. And my, my, do I see some results! Gim is getting yummier every day! (I’m very naughty for teasing him, in all honesty I should be ashamed; he could throw me any of so many rebuttals ‘coz I’m terribly fat and all but he never does. I love you, baby!)



05june25(28)Summer’s gone and here comes the rain, but the new season has brought us a lot more changes! While I am now a programmer slash facilitator at the ADZU University, Gimmi is now officially a medical student at the same institution! Woohoo! (That means we get to see one another whenever we like, yehey!) Congrats to my handsome boyfriend for having topnotched the exams and interviews in the number one medical school in the Philippines, the Ateneo de Zamboanga Medical School!

Pictured along with him are his friends Shean and Girlie, also freshmen medical students. Don’t they look great? They have to wear this uniform every single day of their medical lives. (OK, no, only during classes but I wouldn’t object if it were otherwise, hehe!)

05june25(20)And here’s my darling Gimmi during one of our lunch breaks. He’s sticking his tongue out at me ‘coz he’s a medical student and I’m not. He’s telling me he’s gonna save so many lives in the future I won’t be able to keep count of all of them! AND he’s gonna be disgustingly filthy rich while at it too, hah! Well, my love, don’t you forget that I’m gonna be your wifey in the future and all your paychecks are going straight to my bank account! Hah!

(Yes, really, it’s the number one medical school in the nation. I didn’t believe it at first, either. But, erm, I’ll have to ask Gim to verify that, hehe, but I’m pretty sure I heard it right. The curriculum is patterned after the Harvard University Medical School, and the students are being taught using problem-based learning and some of the medical professors are actually from Harvard itself.)


As I said, I’m now back in ADZU. So, let me show you my new office! This one isn’t as grand as my old one. Our room is very tiny, and my cubicle is soooo very small! I can hardly fit into it. But at least I have a bit of privacy now. :) Gim won’t feel so shy when he comes to visit. He can hide out in my own little corner of the office!

Rotation of 05june25(38)Rotation of 05june25(37)That’s the view from my cubicle. You can see the other cubicles and the computers we have. The one right in front is the one I use. It’s not really “mine” because everyone shares. That’s my officemate, Rhene, using the PC when I took the shot. The first pic is of my little sideboard, where I’ve pinned pics of me and Gim when we were still in college (which was more than two years ago) and my Papemelroti notes and stuff.

The pics below are of my desk. I’ve placed a few friends with me so I won’t feel so lonely when I’m studying for class. Hehe. That’s Gabie and Catie, my babies. Gim gave them to me a few months ago, I forgot exactly for what occasion. I named them Gabe and Cate ‘coz those are the names Gimmi and I will give our children in the future. :-)


Lookie, it’s Gimmi in my cubicle! (And he took a bowl of instant bulalo noodles with him, too!)

Rotation of 05jun26(35) Rotation of 05jun26(23) Rotation of 05jun26(22) Rotation of 05jun26(22) Rotation of 05jun26(20) Rotation of 05jun26(15)

Don’t worry, when I overcome my shyness I might even post a few pictures of me and my officemates. For now I’m the quiet little mouse when everybody’s busy chattering in the office. Bisaya, no less. But I’m learning. Dako na akong kasabot. (But I’m still struggling with my grammar!)


Rotation of 05june25(33)Gimmi’s baby brother’s all growed up! :) The rugrat’s going to school and look at him in his new uniform, isn’t he cute? Looks exactly like his older brother GP, who, by the way, has just entered college this year, and he’s under our department! (He’s taking up Computer Engineering. Way to go, GP!)

05june25(34)Gim tells me his baby bro is enjoying school. He has his mommy with him at all times yet, but he doesn’t require her to sit by her side during class like the first day anymore. I’m sure he’s gonna be breaking women’s hearts in the near future. Right now though, he’s still at that boy-hate-girl stage. Gim told me he hit a little girl on the face the other day because she pushed him off his seat. Well, we all went through that stage.

Up there’s a pic of Gino, this time with his older brother Gim, driving him to school. Awww, they make such a cute pair, don’t you think?


05jun26(12)Gim and I went out for ice cream a few days ago. We had just lunched at Jollibee and decided it was time for desert. But rather than buy the overpriced sundaes at Jabi, we bought two ice cream cones (Gelatos, I think it’s called) from a nearby booth instead, and only at 10 pesos each.

I had the vanilla with white chocolate on top while Gim had the chocolate with white chocolate on top! Mmm, I’m getting hungry. I think I’m gonna get myself another one of those tomorrow!



And just because I am so in love with my boyfriend, I will post more pictures of him and his deliciousness!!!

Rotation of 05jun26(09) Rotation of 05jun26(40) Rotation of 05jun26(11) Rotation of 05jun26(39)

05jun26(03) 05jun26(38) 05jun26(02)

You’d be super obssessed with him, too, if he was your boyfriend. Tonight he texted me loads of messages (of course it was I who sent him load because he didn’t have any, hahaha!), one of which was this:

I picture you and me out on a balcony, the moon hanging low in the star-sprinkled velvet sky, the air cool and the grass wet with dew. We hold each other and start to dance as the strains of a violin waft through the night. We dance and feel each other’s warmth, relishing each other’s presence, our hearts beating in unison. I hold you for awhile longer before tilting your head up and kissing you…

But I won’t tell you what he told me afterwards. Censored! Hehehehe!


And last, but not the least… Gim loves me!!! ;-)



I hope this makes up for the lack of posts lately! I put them all in one very very long post! :-)


Men are Little Boys, I Think

Posted on 22 June 2005 by Flisha

My eyes hurt. It’s 5:44 PM and I’m still in the office. I’m waiting for my 7:30-8:30 PM class. Yes, you read that right. PM. And with my ability to go on and on and on teaching and forgetting about the time, it’s fortunate that my beadle never fails to remind when it’s already time to go, or else we might probably extend our stay until 9:00 PM.

I’m lucky I have a driver, er, boyfriend. He picks me up right after my class and brings me home. I wouldn’t know what to do without him. Back in my college days, though, I was never afraid of going home late at night. In fact, there was a time when my father called me up on my cellphone asking me where the hell I was and I answered, calmly, that I was heading towards the paradahan where I hoped there would still be a jeepney waiting for me. I have no idea where my courage came from.

Ever since I got a boyfriend, though, somebody always picks me up, accompanies me in public vehicle rides, takes me places and brings me home. I am hardly ever alone. He possesses my every free moment, making me feel claustropho– er, loved. This is all very nice but it has a downside. I have begun to feel afraid to be on my own. A short tricycle ride on a sunny afternoon is okay, but any public ride after 6PM scares me. It’s his fault, telling me the tricycle drivers will rape me, molest me, beat me, steal from me or whatever horrible crime he imagines. He feeds me nightmares, that boy. I grow ever more dependent.

I don’t get mad, though. I guess most men are like that. They want to possess women, feel that they can protect women. I think it makes them feel good inside, knowing they’re big and strong, even if they’re really just little boys deep down in their hearts. Gim is a little boy, for sure.

I do wonder, though, does this happen to all women? Does this come naturally to men? I think so, but then again my perception of others is mostly colored by my own experiences. But I’ll keep to my theories, I think. Men need to be needed by women. Little boys, all men are. That’s why I humor him.


Returning to School

Posted on 19 June 2005 by Flisha

When we’re in school, teachers always warn us about “the real world.” In school, we train ourselved to be prepared for “reality.” For sixteen years (or more, who’s counting?) I was in school and craved to go “outside.”

For two years I’ve seen the real world. I’ve come to the conclusion that the real world sucks. Enough. I’m going back to school! Not as a student, though.

Last week was my first six days on the job. Being back in the private workplace again is refreshing, having survived a whole year in government (and hated every single second of it but stuck on only for the money).

Initially I craved the post of web/graphic designer, but since that job was already taken, I was assigned the task of programming. And to add a bit to my meager salary (which I shall not divulge but let me just say it is half of what I used to get *but I am not complaining merely describing*), I am taking on 3 units of classes, equivalent to one subject. (Hopefully, also, I will be accepted for the part-time job of website manager).

There are 14 of us in the department, but two are leaving for their Master’s degrees. Three of us are newbies, three are my batchmates, four were my instructors and two are my new acquantances, soon-to-be-friends-I-hope.

I love my new job, though my officemates might not see it yet. See, I’m so quiet in the office ‘coz I’m shy. Hahaha. Shy daw o. But I’m warming up real quick. It’s hard not to warm up to your officemates when they’re all so kalog.

Prime example. It’s 6:00 PM and we’re in the office waiting for our respective classes (mine starts at 7:30PM unfortunately). There’s some slight chatter but mostly we’re on our PCs preparing lectures or surfing or what. R, at the end of the isle, is playing a PC game. Suddenly we hear a thudding sound coming from his computer, but he ignores it so it just keeps thudding. I surmise it is probably the game’s sound effects.

L, however, looks over and assesses the situation, then he blurts out in a really really loud voice, “Huy, R, tigilan mo daw yan. Nakakahiya!” Some of us muffle our giggles. (See, the thudding kinda sounds, um, bastos.) R ignores him and goes on playing. The sounds eventually get faster and faster, and L comments that R is nearing his “climax.” Then the sound stops. L says, “Masarap, bai?” Some of us break out in laughter. The the sound returns back with full force and L says, “Ay, hindi pa pala tapos. Grabe si R. Excited talaga.” He then looks at M, and tells her, “M, ikaw kasi nag-skirt ka pa, tingnan mo nae-excite na talaga si R!” M blushes and tells off L, then hides in her cubicle. The rest of us try to contain our laughter.

L is pretty much like that all the time, riling up the rest of us, but most especially poor M. I think they kinda like each other but they’re denying it. Hmm, office affairs, yum! I can tell that relationship will develop in time.

Aside from liking my co-workers, I also love the new time flexibility I have. In government, you HAVE to be in office at 8AM sharp and 1AM sharp. You can leave only at 12NN sharp and 5PM sharp. If you need to leave at any other time, you must fill out a pass slip and if it’s approved, you can only leave for a maximum of 30 minutes. Otherwise you will counted as a absent. No wonder government employees start packing their things at 4:30PM!

Now, I can come and go as I please, though of course I make sure I keep at least 8 hours a day in office. On MWFs, I have to stay until 8:30PM due to my one and only class. I’m hoping I can change its schedule, though.

My class (the one and only) is a very fun class. They’re also kalog. I have one student who is very obssessed about his hometown. Every meeting he never fails to mention that he comes from Mercedes. His classmates tease him about it, but I think he does it on purpose to crack up the class.

Lots more to report but I have to rest. 11-hour days take their toll. Zzzz….


New Everything

Posted on 14 June 2005 by Flisha

Sorry I haven’t updated in a bit. I’m still adjusting to my new work environment as a — gasp! — instructor! Well, ok, ok, I only have one subject, I’m not really a full-time teacher. I’m actually a programmer.

But everything’s new — new coworkers, new office, new tasks, new friends… I’m lovin’ it.

I’ll be telling you about it within the week!


PC Games, Save Me!

Posted on 07 June 2005 by Flisha

“Sorry. All circuits are busy now. Please try your call later.”

Girl, your voice may be dripping sweet as honey, but it’s making me wanna pull out all my hair from my scalp at once!!!

This is one of the reasons dial-up network connection sucks. I’m on a 24/7 plan with my ISP but I’m not exactly online at all hours. My ISP makes sure of this by making me dial their number a million times every night before I get that lovely shrilly melody (you know — rrriiinnnnggggg…. ta ding ta ding ta ding…. shhhhhhhhhhh) that tells me I’m connected.

dynomiteI am thankful for my many downloaded games like Super Text Twist, BookWorm Deluxe, Dynomite Deluxe and Diamond Mine. I have many others, but those are my favorites mainly because they’re quick to load and quick to exit, perfect for playing while while waiting for my favorite ringtone.

I liked Dynomite best. Blasting those dyno eggs relieved my stress. When playing, I pretend I’m blasting other users of my ISP away from their PCs so I can steal their line to the ISP. Sometimes when I’m really mad I pretend I’m blasting away my ISP, and each egg represents each head working at the ISP concerned. I’ve got a high score of 71,090 in Stomped and 85,260 in Fossil. I stopped playing when I realized I had played through to all levels and was just repeating them over and over again. So very lame.

Now I’m playing Diamond Mine. My high score is a measly 13,305. But then again matching pretty sparkling jewels isn’t nearly as good a stress-reliever as blasting those dyno eggs.

Can anybody suggest a good blast-it game for me? It’s imperative. Those games keep my fingers busy, stalling my fall from sanity.


Can You Roll Your Tongue?

Posted on 06 June 2005 by Flisha

2005jun4(32)I love to show off my tongue-rolling powers. Mostly because my boyfriend can’t do it.

While Gimmi knows there’s nothing he can do about it (either you can roll it, or you can’t, so they say), his very very adorable 4-year old baby brother is a different story. I love to curl my tongue in front of him and watch Gino try to copy me in vain. Usually he ends up frustrated and just stomps away from me. So cute.

We’ve all heard that tongue-rolling (or tongue-curling or tongue-folding) is an inherited dominant trait. If you can, then at least one of your parents can. However, research says the inheritance is not that secure, based on a 1975 study which found that identical twins don’t always share the tongue-rolling habit. So, nobody knows if it’s really inherited or not.

Another question that comes to mind is, is there a purpose to it, or an evolutionary advantage? No answer to that either, but a study in Spain showed 67% women and 64% men can roll their tongues, while another more recent internet survey suggested up to 81% people might be able to perform the feat.

Maybe I could make my own poll about that. We’ll see. For now, I’ll have fun lording my rolls over Gimmi.

Skinny on Tongue-Rolling
Tongue-Rollers Experiment



Much Ado About Crying

Posted on 02 June 2005 by Flisha

It was an unusually cool, summer night. The pale, silvery moon hung low beneath a clear, velvet sky studded with brilliant- white pinpricks of light. A gentle, evening breeze toyed with our hair as it wafted around us. Fireflies danced out of our way and into the sanctuary of a nearby rose bush, giving it a strange, unearthly glow. Dew carpeted the grass and glistened like tiny shards of glass in the moonlight. The stillness of the night was broken only by a crickets’ incessant chirping. For me, it was a very romantic night and naturally, I was feeling very, very cheezy.

With tears in my eyes, and with all the sincerity I could muster in my voice, I looked at her and said; “I love you, and I will never stop loving you for the rest of my life.” It felt wonderful to say that. Oh, did that feel go-od! I was beside myself with emotion. I thought to myself; she’s going to kiss me, she’s going to hug me real tight and say that she loves me too and that she’ll never love anyone else but me. Imagine my chagrin when she replied matter-of-factly; “No, Gimmi, No. You will not cry on our wedding day.”And with that, she brushed past me and back into the house.

I went home that night replaying the scene in my mind and thinking; what’s wrong with crying? More specifically, what’s wrong with crying men? In today’s modern world, there seems to be a social stigma whenever men cry. It seems as though the right to cry belongs solely to women. I wondered why this was so. I did a little search on google and found an article by Charles Downey about the science of crying.

crying4It turns out that crying (even for men), was a pretty normal affair during the medieval and rennaissance periods. There were a lot of accounts of men bawling their eyes out during these times. Dr. Tom Lutz, proffesor at the University of Iowa and expert on the history of tears and crying, sites the examples of the knights of the French hero Roland, the Greek hero Odysseus, and St. Francis of Assisi, all of whom cried and wept at some point. However, it was not until the industrial revolution that crying was seen as a sign of weakness. Deligent and industrious workers were seen as superior over emotional ones. And crying was a sign of emotional instability.

But why do we cry? According to Lutz, crying happens at precisely that moment when we are unable to fully verbalize complex, overwhelming emotions and when we are unable to articulate our feelings. It is also seen as an escape, a way for us to turn away from the cause of our anguish and to turn toward what we are feeling at that moment. Crying is also healthy. Recent evidence suggests that crying is a way of coping with stress and reducing the incidence of illness caused by stress.

mancrySo what’s wrong with crying? What’s wrong with crying men? Absolutely nothing. Given the reasons on why people do cry and the fact that crying is actually healthy, I think it would be more beneficial to society if it were to redirect its current ‘macho’ attitudes and just let nature take its course.

In other words, let the tears flow.



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