Returning to School

When we’re in school, teachers always warn us about “the real world.” In school, we train ourselved to be prepared for “reality.” For sixteen years (or more, who’s counting?) I was in school and craved to go “outside.”

For two years I’ve seen the real world. I’ve come to the conclusion that the real world sucks. Enough. I’m going back to school! Not as a student, though.

Last week was my first six days on the job. Being back in the private workplace again is refreshing, having survived a whole year in government (and hated every single second of it but stuck on only for the money).

Initially I craved the post of web/graphic designer, but since that job was already taken, I was assigned the task of programming. And to add a bit to my meager salary (which I shall not divulge but let me just say it is half of what I used to get *but I am not complaining merely describing*), I am taking on 3 units of classes, equivalent to one subject. (Hopefully, also, I will be accepted for the part-time job of website manager).

There are 14 of us in the department, but two are leaving for their Master’s degrees. Three of us are newbies, three are my batchmates, four were my instructors and two are my new acquantances, soon-to-be-friends-I-hope.

I love my new job, though my officemates might not see it yet. See, I’m so quiet in the office ‘coz I’m shy. Hahaha. Shy daw o. But I’m warming up real quick. It’s hard not to warm up to your officemates when they’re all so kalog.

Prime example. It’s 6:00 PM and we’re in the office waiting for our respective classes (mine starts at 7:30PM unfortunately). There’s some slight chatter but mostly we’re on our PCs preparing lectures or surfing or what. R, at the end of the isle, is playing a PC game. Suddenly we hear a thudding sound coming from his computer, but he ignores it so it just keeps thudding. I surmise it is probably the game’s sound effects.

L, however, looks over and assesses the situation, then he blurts out in a really really loud voice, “Huy, R, tigilan mo daw yan. Nakakahiya!” Some of us muffle our giggles. (See, the thudding kinda sounds, um, bastos.) R ignores him and goes on playing. The sounds eventually get faster and faster, and L comments that R is nearing his “climax.” Then the sound stops. L says, “Masarap, bai?” Some of us break out in laughter. The the sound returns back with full force and L says, “Ay, hindi pa pala tapos. Grabe si R. Excited talaga.” He then looks at M, and tells her, “M, ikaw kasi nag-skirt ka pa, tingnan mo nae-excite na talaga si R!” M blushes and tells off L, then hides in her cubicle. The rest of us try to contain our laughter.

L is pretty much like that all the time, riling up the rest of us, but most especially poor M. I think they kinda like each other but they’re denying it. Hmm, office affairs, yum! I can tell that relationship will develop in time.

Aside from liking my co-workers, I also love the new time flexibility I have. In government, you HAVE to be in office at 8AM sharp and 1AM sharp. You can leave only at 12NN sharp and 5PM sharp. If you need to leave at any other time, you must fill out a pass slip and if it’s approved, you can only leave for a maximum of 30 minutes. Otherwise you will counted as a absent. No wonder government employees start packing their things at 4:30PM!

Now, I can come and go as I please, though of course I make sure I keep at least 8 hours a day in office. On MWFs, I have to stay until 8:30PM due to my one and only class. I’m hoping I can change its schedule, though.

My class (the one and only) is a very fun class. They’re also kalog. I have one student who is very obssessed about his hometown. Every meeting he never fails to mention that he comes from Mercedes. His classmates tease him about it, but I think he does it on purpose to crack up the class.

Lots more to report but I have to rest. 11-hour days take their toll. Zzzz….