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Mister Donut Is Coming to Town!

Posted on 28 August 2005 by Flisha

Yup, it is! Well at least I think so. If you saw a flyer in your school’s campus declaring that Mister Donut was recruiting for staff and crew, wouldn’t it mean they were gonna build a Mister Donut outlet somewhere nearby? I have a good feeling about this.

The reign of Dunkin Donuts and Jollibee in ZC is finally going to be challenged. Thank God, that is what we need. More treats for Zamboangueños!

I have always preferred Mister Donuts to Dunkin Donuts. Maybe it’s the fact that there *isn’t* a branch here. You know what they say, the grass is always greener on the other side. But it’s also about the quality of their products. Dunkin Donuts in Zamboanga has the reputation of being kinda sloppy. The donuts themselves vary in sizes, sometimes they’re so small you think that the company’s trying to save on dough. Sometimes, too, they’re moldy. Really! Once Gim and I gave a Bavarian back because there were violet molds on its underside. The management told us that that always happened, it had something to do with their pans. We raised our eyebrows but didn’t press the issue, since they had replaced our food. I wondered to myself whether that meant they didn’t rinse their utensils. Ew. (Still, though, I’m glad they’re not like Chowking, which has the reputation of including cockroaches in their take-outs! Multiple Ews.)

Speaking of food chains, Jollibee is buying Red Ribbon! Did u know Jollibee has a total of 1079 stores? Here’s the breakdown: 508 Jollibee, 310 Chowking, 228 Greenwhich and 33 Delifrance outlets. It also operates 121 stores abroad including 88 Yonghe King stores in China. Wow, huh? In Zamboanga alone it has 5 Jollibee branches (Mindpro, Climaco, City Hall, Camins plus one being constructed in Veterans), 2 Chowking outlets (La Purisima and Climaco) and 2 Greenwich stores (Mindpro and Camins).

Wonder what that means? Do you think Jollibee may also soon be putting up Red Ribbon stores all over Zamboanga? That’s likely, I’ll say! Yipee! I also love cakes. Hmm, Myrna’s might soon be getting some competition!


Brrr, it is cold. It’s raining again, but I’m not complaining. It’s nice to snuggle beneath the crook of your lover’s arm during cold weather. Just yesterday, Gim and I couldn’t get enough of one another. He loves to tickle me. I, however, hate being tickled. Someday, I think, I will die of a cardiac arrest induced by Gimmi’s tickling me.

Yesterday, I dissolved into a bout of uncontrollable tears when Gim pinned me to the bed by my arms, threatening to tickle me. He *had* been tickling me all over already for the past 30 minutes but I could still fend him off. It was only when he erased all my chances of defending myself from his attacks that I broke down and cried. (Sometimes, I just can’t help myself!) He let me go at once, of course, and was appropriately apologetic. Oh, but I could see a bit of merriment in those naughty eyes of his. Someday, Gimmi, I will tickle *you* to tears!

Hmm, ’till next time, then. I have to give my darling a phone call.


Fine, I am a Bookworm!!!

Posted on 21 August 2005 by Flisha

lifeofpiI think the library staff must hate my stinking guts right now. Or they love me. I can’t tell, our meetings are always so brief and fleeting (like the quick little romantic interludes of Romeo and Juliet before they tragically killed themselves) but I do hope it’s the latter. After all, in my own little way, I make sure their services are needed and they get to keep their jobs, don’t I? *grins cheekily*

Right now I’m reading the Life of Pi, a novel by Yann Martel. The book is about a young Indian zookeeper named Piscine Molitor Patel, who is a Christian, a Muslin and a Hindu all at once. I still have three quarters of the book to go but I’m liking this novel. It’s a bit dragging at times, but it’s such a wonderful read. Pi Patel looks at life like a child. Everything that we take for granted, Pi curiously examines and interprets differently. Often, I catch myself smiling at the way he experiences things, because I wish that I could have taken the same time and devotion to entire moments of getting acquainted with pieces of life.

But really, this book fever is starting to make me feel uneasy. Has anybody ever overdosed on reading before? I haven’t heard of it yet so I’m crossing my fingers I won’t be the first. I’ve always been a fervent reader but ever since college, I’ve mostly slacked off, giving myself excuses like studying for class or, gasp!, working too hard to take the time to read.

The truth is I never have lost my hunger for novels, but surprisingly, whenever I went to bookstores to browse through the newest bestsellers, a bitter taste seemed to linger in my mouth after having read the skyreaching prices on the covers of all the books, save for the trashy romances on the secondhand racks.

But God is good, and allows for more than one path to a goal.

A month ago, the library showcased its newly acquired books in the LRC Hall for a week. I got to visit during the very last day, having been cooped up in Sinunuc for the most part of the week. Long story short, I’ve been devouring boks at an alarming pace.

bergdorfOne of the nicest reads I’ve come across is the Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes. I recommend it highly, but only if you’re a girl or if you’re gay. Reading it is like watching Alicia Silverstone in Clueless. It’s so superficial (the author’s words, and I agree) it’s funny.

Guys can read it, too, but I’d have doubts about you if you did! Seriously, it’s a girl’s book. Fashion, romance and everything pretty and sweet. Plum Sykes, I love you for writing this book! (Now you know I’m really a girly girl.)

It’s only been a month but I’ve read more books than the fingers on my hand. And you know what I did last Sunday? I went online and browsed the library catalogue for all the books they purchased from 2003 to 2005 and listed down all the books I wanted to borrow.

truebeliever someenchantedevening prettywoman HeLovesLucy davincicode everyboysgotone

Above are five of the books I’ve read this month, so far. True Believer by Nicholas Sparks (if anybody has a copy of The Notebook, please lend me your book, the library doesn’t have a copy, aaarrghh!!!), Some Enchanted Evening by Christina Dodd, Pretty Woman by Fern Michaels, He Loves Lucy by Susan Donovan and The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown (read this along with a LOT of research because there is a lot of delicious misinformation in this book).

The last one is the one I’m planning to read after I finish my current one.

Help me! I think I’m addicted!


A Bithday Letter

Posted on 14 August 2005 by Flisha

Dearest Love,

Up until April 27, 2005 2002, I have had no reason to celebrate August 15. But by the afternoon of 4/27, I was quickly and madly falling in love with a girl so sweet and cheerful, with a brilliant and radiant smile that clouds any Close- Up commercial.

I still remember that day so well. It was late afternoon and the sky was bursting into a gazillion colors as the enormous, red orb slowly yielded to the softer, paler light of a full moon. We hung on to our salbabida, transfixed by the awesome majesty of nature. A fitting tribute to a love that was just then blossoming. Our talk then turned to far away kingdoms, to prince’s and princesess’, to a love that would last forever.

You didn’t and you still don’t believe me when I tell you that on that day, I suddenly found meaning and purpose. It was as if time itself stood still. On that day too, I knew that you are the one I will be spending my life with.

I have a reason to celebrate August 15. On that day, God gave me the greatest blessing I ever recieved- you. I love you.



05may28(19) 05may28(20)

PS it’s April 27, 2002. NOT 2005. Please be guided accordingly. Thanks!



Happy Birthday, Love!!

Posted on 14 August 2005 by Flisha

It’s August 15, 2005 and *drumroll* it’s the birthday of someone very very special- my heart! yep, it’s her birthday today. *sings* Happy bithday to you, happy birthday to you… We (me and our fellow bloggers) wish you all the good things in life on this special day. We love you, mwah! :P


* * *



My Cellphone Got Snatched

Posted on 13 August 2005 by Flisha

Saturday, August 13, 2005, Zamboanga City –> Somebody stole my Nokia 7650! It has an IMEI of 351111109901702 and my cellphone number was 09196085054. If anybody comes across a cellphone with the same IMEI please know that it is a STOLEN PHONE and please return it back to me. :-(

This is the third phone I’ve lost. The first was my Nokia 5110, my first Nokia cellphone which I got after my Bosch died out (back in ’99 Bosch was still “in”). I left it on a tricycle, and after getting off, I felt my pockets but I didn’t have my phone with me and I saw the tricycle speeding off and away. I tried calling my number, but someone abruptly cancelled the call, and I wasn’t able to connect again.

A year after, my father gave me a Nokia 3310. A few months later, it got stolen along with my wallet and all my cash. I had left it for a minute (LITERALLY) on the desk in my Beacon Yearbook office as I had gone to fetch a piece of paper along the hall. I was thinking it would be safe since there were people in the adjoining Beacon NewsMag office, and since I was going to be away for only a few seconds. When I came back, the Beacon NewsMag was deserted, my bag was open and my phone and money were stolen. Both offices since then have had their suspicions on who stole the phone, but nobody ever had hard evidence. As for that fucking guy, we never heard of him ever again.

For two years after that incident I didn’t have a cellphone, primarily because I didn’t have the money. During Christmas of last year, I got a substantial Christmas bonus, which I decided to use to get myself a Nokia 7650. Ten thousand pesos. It may be small to some but to me it was gigantic. To date, it’s the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought.

Last Friday Gim and I went shopping as it was payday. After buying some stuff we went back to school to get my bag. All this time I was carrying my cellphone with me. I had left my bag in school but carried my cellphone because I never left my cellphone unattended anymore, having lost two cellphones already. Upon entering the gate of our school, an unseemly guy suddenly brushed past me. Rudely. As in his body came into contact with mine. Ew. I looked back, upset, but he was quickly out the gate and out of sight. A few moments later I searched for my cellphone. Nowhere to be found. And the guy? Same thing.

Gim and I spent the next two hours fruitlessly retracing our steps, hoping against hope that perhaps we forgot the cellphone somewhere, in a shop or elsewhere. But it was useless. That guy took it. Gim took a turn into a seedy alley right in front of the school were most stolen cellphones go, and found a group of guys ogling a cellphone that looked exactly like mine. Upon seeing him the guy with the cellphone went into a house and came back without a cellphone, and most of the other guys surrounded him menacingly. He figured a cellphone wasn’t worth his life (obviously) and so he turned away and left.

And right now I’m hating myself for having lost my third phone. I really, really, really hate myself. I can’t believe I lost another phone. I just want to cry and cry and cry, like I have been doing since last night.

What hurts most is that there were a lot of private pics of Gim and me on the phone, doing stuff that could really hurt us if it were broadcasted or what. It’s not fair that some guy or some people out there are probably looking at those pics right now, laughing or ogling or masturbating or doing who knows what disgusting stuff filthy thiefs do. It was my phone, goddamit, and that guy had no right to steal it from me, whatever his circumstances (to console myself I’m thinking maybe he’s dirt poor, starving and stealing just to eat but I really doubt that).

I just really hope the poor disgusting shit dies, gets murdered and quartered, perhaps while trying to steal another cellphone. I hope he chokes on his own bloody vomit.


A Pet’s Post

Posted on 06 August 2005 by Flisha

blogmasterpiece I know, I know. It’s high time I posted. After all that cajoling, co-ercing, and bribing (not to mention a blistering spanking that left my bare behind smarting), she finally was able to get my lazy butt out of my hallowed spot on our bed and sit in front of the computer to type in this post. Hmmm, I wonder how much she spent on those Big Macs before settling in to smack my bottom instead…

* * *

Boy, am I glad to get a break this week. After one hectic roller coaster week of practical exams, written reports, reaction papers, simulated medical conferences, public health education presentations, and the like, I sure am glad to have some do-nothing-but-lounge-around time. Imagine having to submit not just one but *three* written reports and reaction papers every day for *five* days. Not to mention having to create and present public health education programs for three of those days.

What am I talking about? Oh, right, I forgot. This is my first post since summer eneded (looks guiltily back at her as she hovers behind, a belt looped menacingly around her hand), and some of you may have forgotten that I’m that other ‘writer’ who seems to just magically apparate (to use an HP term) every once in a while. You see, the reason for my not posting that often anymore is that I’m back to being a student! Yup, back to frequenting the library, photocopying notes, worrying over exam results…you know the drill.

But it’s a bit harder this time around though. Unlike college where the faculty just fed you with whatever they knew and you didn’t have to do anything but just listen and learn, in medical school (or at least the medical school I am enrolled in) you have to make every effort to learn on your own. It’s known as Self- Directed Learning (SDL). It’s an offshoot of the Problem Based Learning strategy that the school employs. It means that year level classes are broken down into groups of around eleven students and lessons are taught through case studies or simulated problems, hence Problem Based Learning. We only meet for around two to three hours a day and we’re off to learn on our own. I won’t go into the details of this strategy, but this I can say, It’s fun, FUN, FUN! As early as our freshman year, we get to rotate on hospitals and see patients and even help doctors come up with a diagnosis! All this while learning how to become a doctor! It’s way cool. Here are a few more pics of me and the bio crew. Same old classmates for another four years. :)

* * *

A little over an hour ago, as I was brushing the cobwebs from my sleep fogged brain and trying to keep my mind off the pain in my bottom, as well as trying to think of something to write, I chanced upon a cache of pics taken more than three years ago. It was a surprise to see how much we’ve both changed in a short span of three years!

This is us and the rest of the AIDS gang at Chowking right after a 2am stroll in the streets of CDO. chowking1

And this is when we were booted out of the Dynasty Hotel right after the championship dinner, even when we didn’t have a place to stay (the nerve of those insipid debate organizers, hmph). dynasty11

And as a grand finale, this is our first ever pic as a couple taken off the coast of Pagadian (damn, she’s so pretty. wanted to…erhm, secret!). BOAT7

* * *

When I first saw you, you made my heart skip, my day brighter and my *toot* bigger. You still do and forever will. I love you, my heart. SUNSET


The Jollibee Take Out Girl

Posted on 01 August 2005 by Flisha

Gim and I had a late lunch last Saturday, since I had a removal exam (that which instructors mercifully oblige students to receive when, unfortunately, the entire class has failed the previous) to give during the very inconvenient time of high noon (which, to my dismay, only a mere four out of my fourteen students, attended, one of which rudely backed out at the very last moment having excused himself by stating that he felt the contents of the exam a bit too much compared to what he had studied, safe to say, probably none).

I was feeling comfortably lazy and unwilling to exercise my vitamin-D-deficient legs in a quarter of a kilometer stroll to the nearest food source, and neither was my agreeable companion, thus we decided on partaking of one of the greatest inventions of mankind — the fast-food-take-out-thru-phone-call.

Jollibee, hello, take out destined for the semi-pristine walks of Ateneo, please? Yes, one solo tomato-lettuce-cabbage burger, one solo spaghetti packed with hotdogs please, one value meal of torpedo sandwich, yes, double go large please, and two cold chocolates sundaes please, perfect for a hot, humid, dusty day, thank you very much.

Who may I ask is calling, ma’am?

Oh it’s [insert my name here], and you can call me back at [insert office phone number here].

Flish!!! It’s you! Remember me, it’s Jennifer Lopez here!!! (P.S. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of Jollibee take out girls.) How have you been???

Jen!!! (using a very excited tone of voice) Hi!!! You’re a Jollibee take out girl??? Wow!!! Oh, I’m back here in Ateneo after that lousy (yet deliciously high-paying) stint in government awhile back, during one of my more painfully delirious moments. Wow!!! Haven’t heard from you in so long!!!

Wow! You’re teaching there? I thought it was somebody I knew, the voice was so familiar! Anyway, your order will be there in a few minutes.

Ok, thanks so much, Jen!!!!

Bye, Flish!!!

Wow, I actually had a friend who was a Jollibee take out girl. Hmm, I hope that means she’s gonna give me more than the normal amount of fries. I mean, my mother the Senior Dean always gets preferential treatment out of fast food joints. Why can’t I, right?

As an afterthought, I turn to Gim and say to him, “Hey, you know anybody by the name of Jennifer Lopez? I didn’t know I knew somebody by the name of Jennifer Lopez! She’s a Jollibee take out girl, you know.”



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