Mister Donut Is Coming to Town!

Yup, it is! Well at least I think so. If you saw a flyer in your school’s campus declaring that Mister Donut was recruiting for staff and crew, wouldn’t it mean they were gonna build a Mister Donut outlet somewhere nearby? I have a good feeling about this.

The reign of Dunkin Donuts and Jollibee in ZC is finally going to be challenged. Thank God, that is what we need. More treats for ZamboangueƱos!

I have always preferred Mister Donuts to Dunkin Donuts. Maybe it’s the fact that there *isn’t* a branch here. You know what they say, the grass is always greener on the other side. But it’s also about the quality of their products. Dunkin Donuts in has the reputation of being kinda sloppy. The donuts themselves vary in sizes, sometimes they’re so small you think that the company’s trying to save on dough. Sometimes, too, they’re moldy. Really! Once Gim and I gave a Bavarian back because there were violet molds on its underside. The management told us that that always happened, it had something to do with their pans. We raised our eyebrows but didn’t press the issue, since they had replaced our . I wondered to myself whether that meant they didn’t rinse their utensils. Ew. (Still, though, I’m glad they’re not like Chowking, which has the reputation of including cockroaches in their take-outs! Multiple Ews.)

Speaking of food chains, Jollibee is buying Red Ribbon! Did u know Jollibee has a total of 1079 stores? Here’s the breakdown: 508 Jollibee, 310 Chowking, 228 Greenwhich and 33 Delifrance outlets. It also operates 121 stores abroad including 88 Yonghe King stores in China. Wow, huh? In Zamboanga alone it has 5 Jollibee branches (, Climaco, City Hall, Camins plus one being constructed in Veterans), 2 Chowking outlets (La Purisima and Climaco) and 2 Greenwich stores ( and Camins).

Wonder what that means? Do you think Jollibee may also soon be putting up Red Ribbon stores all over Zamboanga? That’s likely, I’ll say! Yipee! I also love cakes. Hmm, Myrna’s might soon be getting some competition!


Brrr, it is cold. It’s raining again, but I’m not complaining. It’s nice to snuggle beneath the crook of your lover’s arm during cold weather. Just yesterday, Gim and I couldn’t get enough of one another. He loves to tickle me. I, however, hate being tickled. Someday, I think, I will die of a induced by Gimmi’s tickling me.

Yesterday, I dissolved into a bout of uncontrollable tears when Gim pinned me to the bed by my arms, threatening to tickle me. He *had* been tickling me all over already for the past 30 minutes but I could still fend him off. It was only when he erased all my chances of defending myself from his attacks that I broke down and cried. (Sometimes, I just can’t help myself!) He let me go at once, of course, and was appropriately apologetic. Oh, but I could see a bit of merriment in those naughty eyes of his. Someday, Gimmi, I will tickle *you* to tears!

Hmm, ’till next time, then. I have to give my darling a phone call.


  1. yeah, fli, i prefer mr. donuts to dunkin, too, and i’m glad one is opening in zc. i heard about that when i was working there pa. kesyo alya daw pone na “mall” that was being constructed in putik. i love the dutch choco twist. but it’s been ages since i ate a mr. donut donut, actually. i’ve kinda given it up eversince i discovered gonuts donuts. true to their slogan, now those are insanely delicious! :)

  2. well! i like dunkin donut more than mister donut coz dunkin’s got sweeter donuts:) and i’m so crazy over sweets…but mister donut is nice too.

    dito sa u.a.e., me chowking and thank god, wala pa naman balitang me na-serve w/ ipis on the side:P joke!

    u talking about ur boy makes me think and miss my boy too:(

  3. sarap naman! sana meron din mr donut or jollibee dito. gusto ko ng umuwi sa’tin. kaka-miss talaga mga pagkain dyan.

  4. i hope they’d open red ribbon in davao as well. the last time i went homethey still dont have a store there and i have to bring 2 boxes from manila. but at least i have a better, cheaper “pasalubong” than what my brother wants and he enjoyed the cake. ;)

  5. san, ur from davao? wow, i loved davao, though i worked there only 2 months. oh yeah, i forgot they don’t have red ribbons there. sa cagayan lang pala yun. :)