My Cellphone Got Snatched

Saturday, August 13, 2005, City –> Somebody stole my Nokia 7650! It has an IMEI of 351111109901702 and my cellphone number was 09196085054. If anybody comes across a cellphone with the same IMEI please know that it is a STOLEN PHONE and please return it back to me. :-(

This is the third phone I’ve lost. The first was my Nokia 5110, my first Nokia cellphone which I got after my Bosch died out (back in ’99 Bosch was still “in”). I left it on a tricycle, and after getting off, I felt my pockets but I didn’t have my phone with me and I saw the tricycle speeding off and away. I tried calling my number, but someone abruptly cancelled the call, and I wasn’t able to connect again.

A year after, my father gave me a Nokia 3310. A few months later, it got stolen along with my wallet and all my cash. I had left it for a minute (LITERALLY) on the desk in my Beacon Yearbook office as I had gone to fetch a piece of paper along the hall. I was thinking it would be safe since there were people in the adjoining Beacon NewsMag office, and since I was going to be away for only a few seconds. When I came back, the Beacon NewsMag was deserted, my bag was open and my phone and money were stolen. Both offices since then have had their suspicions on who stole the phone, but nobody ever had hard evidence. As for that fucking guy, we never heard of him ever again.

For two years after that incident I didn’t have a cellphone, primarily because I didn’t have the money. During Christmas of last year, I got a substantial Christmas bonus, which I decided to use to get myself a Nokia 7650. Ten thousand pesos. It may be small to some but to me it was gigantic. To date, it’s the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought.

Last Friday Gim and I went shopping as it was payday. After buying some stuff we went back to school to get my bag. All this time I was carrying my cellphone with me. I had left my bag in school but carried my cellphone because I never left my cellphone unattended anymore, having lost two cellphones already. Upon entering the gate of our school, an unseemly guy suddenly brushed past me. Rudely. As in his body came into contact with mine. Ew. I looked back, upset, but he was quickly out the gate and out of sight. A few moments later I searched for my cellphone. Nowhere to be found. And the guy? Same thing.

Gim and I spent the next two hours fruitlessly retracing our steps, hoping against hope that perhaps we forgot the cellphone somewhere, in a shop or elsewhere. But it was useless. That guy took it. Gim took a turn into a seedy alley right in front of the school were most stolen cellphones go, and found a group of guys ogling a cellphone that looked exactly like mine. Upon seeing him the guy with the cellphone went into a house and came back without a cellphone, and most of the other guys surrounded him menacingly. He figured a cellphone wasn’t worth his life (obviously) and so he turned away and left.

And right now I’m hating myself for having lost my third phone. I really, really, really hate myself. I can’t believe I lost another phone. I just want to cry and cry and cry, like I have been doing since last night.

What hurts most is that there were a lot of private pics of Gim and me on the phone, doing stuff that could really hurt us if it were broadcasted or what. It’s not fair that some guy or some people out there are probably looking at those pics right now, laughing or ogling or masturbating or doing who knows what disgusting stuff filthy thiefs do. It was my phone, goddamit, and that guy had no right to steal it from me, whatever his circumstances (to console myself I’m thinking maybe he’s dirt poor, starving and stealing just to eat but I really doubt that).

I just really hope the poor disgusting shit dies, gets murdered and quartered, perhaps while trying to steal another cellphone. I hope he chokes on his own bloody vomit.


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  2. I am gonna have to agree with you…. but thats somethig that can be very contreverial…… anyway…. check out my site on Grants


    pero grabe, i was shocked to learn that even a “decent” place like your office is never safe from a thieve’s prying eyes?:( ganyan na ba talaga kahirap ang buhay sa pilipinas?

  4. whose rule is that, and why is it even a rule?

    cameraphones are as private as digicams or videocams, all of which can be stolen by unscrupulous people.

    the rule should be, DONT STEAL PHONES! or anything for that matter.

    no, i don’t think the philippines is that hard up, financially.

    but the morals of the people have never been worse.

  5. as what u’ve just said,”morals of the people have never been worse”…have u checked yours lately? u’ve just mentioned u have “private pix” in your phone,aight?

    having lost cellphones in the past, you could have anticipated the worst thing that could ever happen.

  6. since when has “storing private pictures of yourself, your friends or your family in your own cellphone” been immoral?

    since when has “trusting other people not to steal your cellphone” been immoral? (not that i have a lot of trust, as i said it was snatched, not left somewhere to be stolen)

    yes, i could have anticipated that my cellphone may be stolen. but should this keep me from using my cellphone to the fullest? NO! that is simply bullshit.

    if a person anticipates that he will someday die, should it keep him from enjoying life? everything we have should be cherished and USED FULLY, because everything will be taken away in due time.

    i have done nothing wrong, it is somebody else who has done wrong unto me, how DARE you tell me to question my own morals.

    i have checked in fact. and they are ALL fine.

  7. because YOU DID COMPROMISE YOURSELF. the problem here is, you are contradicting your very own words when you are blatantly showing the whole wide world what you truly are(i’m not saying you’re bad). and being bullish is not always necessary

  8. i have compromised myself? how? you are playing with words. you say “immoral”, you say “compromise” you even say “bullish”.

    when one says “immoral” one means somebody who has no values, or the wrong values. pray tell me, what exactly is my “wrong value”? perhaps it is here that we differ. perhaps you are much too traditional and i much too liberal. but please, clear your meaning.

    you say i “compromise”d myself. compromise is a highly subjective word. it can mean an agreement between two people, it can mean having intimate relations. perhaps given the nature of my post, you mean the latter. are you trying to say that i should question my morals because i have engaged in intimate relations? well, honey, really, you can’t be that naive. in this day and age, intimate relations are not immoral. or, sorry, are you homophibic too?

    you say i am “bullish”? how? by arguing? the last time i checked, arguing consisted of two people sharing and rebutting differing opinions (even if one side is not always logical). a “bully”, on the other hand, refers to a person who forces other people to do things they don’t like. so, please, tell me what the connection between being “bullish” and simply “arguing” is.

    my conclusion is that you don’t exactly know the meaning of these words. or perhaps you are getting confused as to the words you are choosing and the meaning you would like to impart.

    perhaps you’d be more comfortable speaking in the vernacular?