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Happy Feast Day!

Posted on 25 November 2005 by Flisha

Today I woke up and there was no light nor water. It was a city blackout! Of course, the absence of water shouldn’t follow the absence of light, but it seems, in Zamboanga City, living a mere 5 kilometers away from the city proper necessitates the use of a water booster since without it, water would barely make it to your faucet.

As disgruntled as I was at the pesky nuisance of not having any water in the bathroom, I was more worried I couldn’t get to school, since after all, it IS the start of the Ateneo Fiesta, and furthermore, it’s the Feast of St. John Berchmans!

Aside from Christmas, Valentine’s and my birthday, one of my most favorite holidays is November 26, feast day of St. John Berchmans. Most people, even Catholics in the Philippines, don’t randomly celebrate saints’ memorial days unless it’s their town’s patron saint’s feast day, ‘coz that translates into their very own Barangay Fiesta, which is always a cause for a splashy celebration.

The reason that I celebrate November 26 is because St. John Berchmans is the name of my high school class (batch ’99). And ever since my HS freshman year, my classmates and I have viewed this day as one of the highlights of every year, since it means we get together and have a celebration, be it a picnic at La Vista, a mass at the Sacred Heart Chapel or a visit to the local orphanage.

Whenever I think of our feast day, though, I remember one thing. My best friend Christopher handing me a love letter to give to one of our classmates, whose birthday would fall on the following day. Back then I had a gigantic crush on my best friend, unfortunately, it was not to be… for the love letter was to be given to a boy. Yes, it broke my little teenaged heart. I had denied it for the longest time, my crush on him, and yes, his crush on boys.

Ironically, my best friend’s crush rejected the letter I had given to him from my best friend, leaving me to have to return it back to Chris. My only revenge was that that day, we both nursed bruised egos (but, thankfully, our hearts eventually mended!).

Anyways, if you’re wondering how the heck I was able to get to school without water, let me just declare that I did not come without bathing!!! (Eww, you’ve a filthy mind for even thinking it!)

I washed my hair outside in our backyard (the water only spurts out of the faucet when it’s close to the ground) and then I filled a whole bidon with water (took me 30 minutes!!!) and then, veins almost bursting with the effort, I half-hauled and half-pushed the very heavy bidon up to our bathroom in the house and washed my body!

St. John Berchmans, pray for us.



I’ve Got a Motorcycle!!!

Posted on 22 November 2005 by Flisha

Two days ago, I went and bought myself a new vehicle!!!

Yes! I did it!

I bought a new Yamaha Crypton Standard.

All for me!

I am so gleeful!

Gim and I had been talking about it for a few months already. See, the fuel price had been rising so rapidly. It’s almost doubled since last year. And the tricycle drivers have also been spiking their rates. They don’t even follow what their “Fare Rate” notice says! It’s 5 kilometers to my house, and for P8 for the 1st km and P2 for each succeeding km, I should be billed only P16! Know how much they make me pay? P35 at the very least!

Anyways, before I get sooo incensed over insufferable tricycle drivers (I would never take them in the first place, except that my high-and-mighty Gim has an inexplicable intolerance for jeepney-motion-sickness), let me retrieve happy memories.

I should thank NCC for providing me with the necessary downpayment to buy a motorbike on a monthly installment plan. And I should also thank the Ateneo for giving me an overload, so I get more pay. And I should thank my boyfriend for providing me his driving skills, without which a motorcycle would do me no good (I can and will only drive on four wheels). So, thank you, all of you!!!

I can’t wait until it gets registered!!!


Happy Birthday Gim!

Posted on 10 November 2005 by Flisha

2005jun4(38)bThis is the boy I love with all my heart.

And he just turned 22.


November 11, 2005.

On this day, 22 years ago, God created a little baby boy with dark curly locks, soft eyes, a big wide smile and the biggest heart in the whole wide world.

A lovely baby boy.

And now…

He’s still a boy.

He’ll forever be my little baby boy.

He caught my heart years ago and has never let go since then.

And I hope he never will.

Why do I love him?

Well, let’s see.

Rotation of 05jun26(23)

  1. He Cooks
    • Culinary Food
    • Gourmet Food
    • Desserts (He Tries Anyway!)
  2. He Drives
    • On Four Wheels
    • On Two Wheels
    • On One Wheel (Future Project)
  3. He Washes
    • Clothes
    • Plates
    • His Body More Than Once a Day (Obssessed)
  4. He Massages
    • My Head When It Hurts
    • My Shoulders When I’m Angry
    • My Back When I’m Stressed
    • Even If I Sometimes Can’t Take It (I Giggle, You See)

    Macho Yo!

  5. He Delivers
    • Food To Me When I’m Hungry
    • My Letters When I Don’t Want To Do Them Myself
  6. He’s a Medical Student (Therefore a Future Doctor, Therefore Futurely Wealthy)
  7. He’s a Genius (Sometimes You Can’t Argue with Him Simply Because You Don’t Understand What He’s Saying)
  8. He’s a Scholar (Yay, Congrats Gimmi!!!)
  9. He’s a Hearththrob (Everybody Loves Him)
  10. He’s the Friendliest Guy Ever (Everybody Likes Him)
  11. He’s Really Concerned About Everybody He Meets (Especially The Less Fortunate)
  12. He Goes to Mass Regularly and Believes in God
  13. He’s Got a Great Body (Very Important in a Potential Husband)
  14. Rotation of 05june25(03)

  15. He Listens To Me
  16. He Takes Care of Me
  17. He Kisses Me Every Chance He Gets
  18. He Hugs Me Every Chance He Gets
  19. He Treats Me Out Every Chance He Gets
  20. He Cries Once in A While
  21. He Can Talk About Anything Under the Sun
  22. He Understands Me
  23. He Knows Me Inside Out
  24. He Shares Everything About Himself (Even Past Flames)
  25. He Treats Me Like a Princess (Please Refer to #s 1-5)
  26. He Loves Me

    And Finally…

  27. He’s Just Too Cute Not To Love Like Crazy.

05june25(36)And THAT is why I love him so much.

Gim is a truly remarkable person. He has gone through so many difficulties in life, financially and emotionally. But he has never lost his zeal for life, he has never given up his hopes and dreams. And today, he has everything going for him. He is a medical student in one of the most prestigious medical schools in the country, and he has a scholarship to boot. All his needs are provided for by those who love him. His path is laid out before him.

Is there still anything for him to wish?

I think there is.

Gimmi, for your birthday, I wish for you THE WILL NOT TO STRAY. Not to stray from the path you have taken (I hope you will not feel impatient nor insecure), not to stray from the love of your family and your friends and not to stray from your strong beliefs.

I love you, Gim, and so do so many people.

But I love you most of all (of course, hehe).

Happy birthday, Gimmi!!!!



My Advanced MySQL Seminar is Dunzo!

Posted on 08 November 2005 by Flisha

It’s Ovah! The seminah is ovah!

That’s how Allie (Rachel McAdams) from the Notebook would so say it. Just an interesting piece of info, she and Ryan Gosling (the guy who played Noah) are actually true-to-life sweethearts. Aren’t they totally cute??? (The pic on the right is a still from the movie.)

Incidentally, whenever I think of Noah (the character, not the actor) I think of Gimmi. They are so alike. This reminds me, Gimmi’s birthday is on the eleventh! He is turning 22!!! My little pucuchu is turning a year older! I wonder what to give him. He insists that all he wants is to be with me. But heller, pucuchu, I’m always with you. Birthdays are for extraordinary things. Anyways I still have 3 days to plan it.

My sembreak is just beginning, even if it has just ended for the students. A week ago I finally delivered the Advanced MySQL training seminar I had been preparing for. I was quite scared at first since I was told these students of mine had already undergone Basic MySQL and already had lots of programming skills. But once the introductions began my fears were halted. Most of them actually had NO experience whatsoever. And the few that already did seemed to have forgotten most of what they were taught. That was a relief. I am quite good at SQL but I had never undergone any formal training, it was all self-taught, so I was unsure of my capabilities at actually teaching the subject.

It was a breeze. (Hah, feeling!) Weird though, because during the second day we had a blackout. But NCC had no generator! Ngek. So we had to wait it out for two hours, extending in the evening. I hope they pay me extra! Hehe. Why is it that government agencies can manage to dole themselves out so many bonuses yet can’t seem to afford certain essentials? (City Hall gives out a P30,00 Christmas bonus to its employees but won’t provide Internet access.)

My trainees were a rowdy bunch. Very talkative, since most of them were males. And weird too. One time I caught a few of them crowding in on one guy’s unit. I thought they were interested in the code he was typing. But when I surprised them from behind it was actually a cropped image of the guy and me. Hahahah! I swear he turned beet red as he hurriedly did an Alt+F4. And there was another guy who couldn’t take his eyes off my boobs. I know they’re a bit gigantic sometimes, but still, couldn’t he have just sneaked a few glances while I wasn’t looking? Sigh. [Disclaimer: I’m not pretending to be attractive, just acknowledging the existence of big boobs.] Too bad there wasn’t a cutie among them. I would really have appreciated the eye candy. Hehehe!

Anyway, here are more pictures of the seminar. I kept my picture small so you won’t be able to see how fat I’ve become. Heehee.


P.S. For those who can’t get enough Internet access but still don’t have your own line, you can always go to NCC. The Mindanao branch is located in Tumaga, Zamboanga City, near WMCC. Anybody can access the Internet from NCC for free!!! (Bet you didn’t know that!)


I’m Sunburned!!!!

Posted on 05 November 2005 by Flisha

Negra, my boyfriend now scathingly calls me.

He is so cruel.

But it is true. I look like a 50 year old woman. Well, my forehead does, anyway. I’m peeling!


It’s all Gimmi’s fault. What kind of doctor doesn’t inform his patient of the risks of driving three hours under the sun for two consecutive days without a helmet or sunscreen or any kind of protection from the sun???

Gimmi took me to Labuan a couple of days ago. He had to show his project to his adviser and he invited me to come join him. I eagerly complied, not knowing the dangers lurking behind his thinly veiled beckoning. The motorcyle ride to Labuan was over an hour, and coming back was more or less the same. It was a beautiful ride, the wind in my face, beautiful crashing waves and a neverending horizon on my left, lush green mountains on my right and the warm body of my Gimmi in my arms. (I would show you pics but the batteries for my PC camera is a bit expensive so I didn’t bother to bring it along.)

I came home with flushed cheeks, but none the worse for wear. So of course I took up his offer again the next day. Same beautiful day, only cloudier. We outran the rain many times. It was exhilarating, to be faster than the clouds. But I came home with my entire face a fiery red! And it hurt! Sunburned to a crisp, my face!!! And all Gimmi’s fault!

Of course if you look at him he doesn’t look sunburned at all. Aside from his skin already being used to the sun (it’s all the melanin stored in his native flesh), he also wore a helmet the whole time! So he wasn’t burnt at all, only blacker. (Forgive me, Gim; the truth hurts, I know.)

But in fairness, if you look at me from afar, I still look a bit cute. Only darker. See???

P.S. Do you know that for most people, their best pics come from a higher angle? So when you’re taking your own pic make sure you place the camera a wee bit higher than your face. Look, it hid most of my plump face, heehee.



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