I’m Sunburned!!!!

Negra, my boyfriend now scathingly calls me.

He is so cruel.

But it is true. I look like a 50 year old woman. Well, my forehead does, anyway. I’m peeling!


It’s all Gimmi’s fault. What kind of doctor doesn’t inform his patient of the risks of driving three hours under the sun for two consecutive days without a helmet or sunscreen or any kind of protection from the sun???

Gimmi took me to Labuan a couple of days ago. He had to show his project to his adviser and he invited me to come join him. I eagerly complied, not knowing the dangers lurking behind his thinly veiled beckoning. The motorcyle ride to Labuan was over an hour, and coming back was more or less the same. It was a beautiful ride, the wind in my face, beautiful crashing waves and a neverending horizon on my left, lush green mountains on my right and the warm body of my Gimmi in my arms. (I would show you pics but the batteries for my PC camera is a bit expensive so I didn’t bother to bring it along.)

I came home with flushed cheeks, but none the worse for wear. So of course I took up his offer again the next day. Same beautiful day, only cloudier. We outran the rain many times. It was exhilarating, to be faster than the clouds. But I came home with my entire face a fiery red! And it hurt! Sunburned to a crisp, my face!!! And all Gimmi’s fault!

Of course if you look at him he doesn’t look sunburned at all. Aside from his skin already being used to the sun (it’s all the melanin stored in his native flesh), he also wore a helmet the whole time! So he wasn’t burnt at all, only blacker. (Forgive me, Gim; the truth hurts, I know.)

But in fairness, if you look at me from afar, I still look a bit cute. Only darker. See???

P.S. Do you know that for most people, their best pics come from a higher angle? So when you’re taking your own pic make sure you place the camera a wee bit higher than your face. Look, it hid most of my plump face, heehee.


  1. this *blubbers incoherently* is an outrage! slander! slander! that’s what this is! i am NOT DARK! and i certainly do NOT look like a native. maybe shean does. but not me! hmph! *crosses arms indignantly*

  2. ei fli! you got sunburned too, just like me! hehe. luckily i was able to cure it thanx to the wonders of modern science. hehehe.

    yeah, you’re right about that angle thing. my fave camera angle is also from the top, because i don’t look fat from that direction! heehee!