I’ve Got a Motorcycle!!!

Two days ago, I went and bought myself a new vehicle!!!

Yes! I did it!

I bought a new Yamaha Crypton Standard.

All for me!

I am so gleeful!

Gim and I had been talking about it for a few months already. See, the fuel price had been rising so rapidly. It’s almost doubled since last year. And the tricycle drivers have also been spiking their rates. They don’t even follow what their “Fare Rate” notice says! It’s 5 kilometers to my house, and for P8 for the 1st km and P2 for each succeeding km, I should be billed only 6! Know how much they make me pay? P35 at the very least!

Anyways, before I get sooo incensed over insufferable tricycle drivers (I would never take them in the first place, except that my high-and-mighty Gim has an inexplicable intolerance for jeepney-motion-sickness), let me retrieve happy memories.

I should thank NCC for providing me with the necessary downpayment to buy a motorbike on a monthly installment plan. And I should also thank the Ateneo for giving me an overload, so I get more pay. And I should thank my boyfriend for providing me his driving skills, without which a motorcycle would do me no good (I can and will only drive on four wheels). So, thank you, all of you!!!

I can’t wait until it gets registered!!!