My Advanced MySQL Seminar is Dunzo!

It’s Ovah! The seminah is ovah!

That’s how Allie (Rachel McAdams) from the Notebook would so say it. Just an interesting piece of info, she and Ryan Gosling (the guy who played Noah) are actually true-to-life sweethearts. Aren’t they totally cute??? (The pic on the right is a still from the movie.)

Incidentally, whenever I think of Noah (the character, not the actor) I think of Gimmi. They are so alike. This reminds me, Gimmi’s birthday is on the eleventh! He is turning 22!!! My little pucuchu is turning a year older! I wonder what to give him. He insists that all he wants is to be with me. But heller, pucuchu, I’m always with you. Birthdays are for extraordinary things. Anyways I still have 3 days to plan it.

My sembreak is just beginning, even if it has just ended for the students. A week ago I finally delivered the Advanced MySQL training seminar I had been preparing for. I was quite scared at first since I was told these students of mine had already undergone Basic MySQL and already had lots of programming skills. But once the introductions began my fears were halted. Most of them actually had NO experience whatsoever. And the few that already did seemed to have forgotten most of what they were taught. That was a relief. I am quite good at SQL but I had never undergone any formal training, it was all self-taught, so I was unsure of my capabilities at actually teaching the subject.

It was a breeze. (Hah, feeling!) Weird though, because during the second day we had a blackout. But NCC had no generator! Ngek. So we had to wait it out for two hours, extending in the evening. I hope they pay me extra! Hehe. Why is it that government agencies can manage to dole themselves out so many bonuses yet can’t seem to afford certain essentials? (City Hall gives out a P30,00 Christmas bonus to its employees but won’t provide Internet access.)

My trainees were a rowdy bunch. Very talkative, since most of them were males. And weird too. One time I caught a few of them crowding in on one guy’s unit. I thought they were interested in the code he was typing. But when I surprised them from behind it was actually a cropped image of the guy and me. Hahahah! I swear he turned beet red as he hurriedly did an Alt+F4. And there was another guy who couldn’t take his eyes off my boobs. I know they’re a bit gigantic sometimes, but still, couldn’t he have just sneaked a few glances while I wasn’t looking? Sigh. [Disclaimer: I’m not pretending to be attractive, just acknowledging the existence of big boobs.] Too bad there wasn’t a cutie among them. I would really have appreciated the eye candy. Hehehe!

Anyway, here are more pictures of the seminar. I kept my picture small so you won’t be able to see how fat I’ve become. Heehee.


P.S. For those who can’t get enough Internet access but still don’t have your own line, you can always go to NCC. The Mindanao branch is located in Tumaga, City, near WMCC. Anybody can access the Internet from NCC for free!!! (Bet you didn’t know that!)


  1. hay naku fli. we have the same prob with the boobs thing. most guys would focus on that part. even your own friends would do that! but weirder still are when girls do! then they’d point it out because they’d wish they had bigger boobs!

  2. right you are, heids. i certainly do take notice of fli’s you-know-whats. cause thats were i always look first. hehe. love ya, love!