I Have a Camera!

I am so happy. This is the best gift I have ever given myself, even better than the Crypton bike or the (late) 7650 phone.

I bought for myself the Canon A410, with 3.2 megapixels and 3 point something optical zoom and lots of other useful features.


My close friend Chu (also known as Jesse, as he likes) bought it on my behalf in (since only a previous version was available here in ). I ate up a whole day of his time, so, Chu, thank you so much!!! I love you! Hehehe.

I’m so giddy I’ve been taking pics of everything and anything — bugs, insects, plants, vegetables, jeepneys, clouds, anything that enters my vision! Stay tuned, more pics to come!


  1. anytime fli. :)
    hey, that was a really nice pic that u posted. It placed ur subject in perspective while the background blurred out. Nice outcome. Was it the portrait mode, or did you enhance it on the computer? Anyhow, it’s nice. Im thinking of buying a digicam… i love to take pictures as well. it’s not a cheap hobby, though…

  2. hi chu — no i didn’t enhance it at all, i uploaded it as is. i used the super macro mode and took a picture of an orchid bud. it’s my favorite setting hehehe. (i also like the foliage and kids & pets settings.)

    u should try to buy a digicam, chu! with your job it should only be a fraction of your monthly salary, hehehe. it’s pretty cheap actually, compared to film.

    thank you gad! :)

  3. hey love! im so happy that ur happy to have bought urself that cam. now you can take pics of ur ever fave subject- me. hehe. just kidding. love u! :)

  4. u must be getting something wrong, gim… aren’t you *your* own favorite subject? hahahaha joke lng. btw, um, my *crush* is right here in the office!!! argh! what do i do???

  5. hey i’m glad for you fli. btw chu already bought his own digicam yesterday but i haven’t seen it yet kasi…why nga ba? i’m not sure. anyway i will probably also get a digicam since i also love taking pics so much. but my fave subject is people. especially cute ones. hehehe. grabe fli, there’s too much eye candy in makati! i can’t believe ara lang yo yannotice!

  6. heids, cosa brand and model ya kumpra si chu? hehe yan selos na mio cam. :) yeah you should buy one too, im betting you’re starting to wish your cam had better pixels even if it is already high for a cellphone cam. :) thats what i felt kc when i bought my 7650 before. i should have just skipped to digicam right there and then. aba heids, shopping for men now, are we? hehehe!

  7. canon le yacumpra, i don’t know what model basta it’s more hi tech than yours ata. actually tarda ya le taplanya cumpra digicam. speaking of him, it’s his bday tomorrow!
    yeah, i do wish my cell cam had better pixels but i’m not regretting that i bought it coz it’s so perfect it’s so handy and great in every other way. as for the digicam, maybe later…i have my eyes set on a laptop first.
    i’m not really shopping for men, fli, i’m content on having vitamin a (good for the eyes). i don’t think i’m quite yet ready for omega 3 (for the heart). =)