Almost Vitali

Saturday is go – out – and – explore
– the – world – day for me and Gim. We’ve been to Limpapa (the westernmost point of ), and now we wanted to reach Licomo (the easternmost point of ). As usual, Paopao was our ever reliable ride. He brought us over paved mountains and through dusty dirt roads to reach the highest peaks in the city.

We never did reach Licomo. The sun set 30 minutes too early, so we had to head back home. Maybe next week, we’ll finally get there. Wish I had more time to blog. But work is furiously catching up on me. So, anyways, here are pics of our latest adventure.

This is Gim sitting in the middle of the highway, waiting to be run over by a huge bus. In any case, we thought, if he really was gonna get run over, at least we could show a great picture during the eulogy. (How morbid!)

This is me, posing in one of the highest peaks of the city. I already said that, I’m getting redundant. Behind me is a beautiful view of the ocean, plus an island that Gim says is part of the hundred islands. But I forget which number it is.

This is Gim, triumphant and grateful he wasn’t run over by any public transportation, or private, for that matter.

And this is the beautiful sunset of the East Coast, a wonderful deviation from the normal sun – over – sea – sunsets, and a wonderful come – again – next- time – farewell to two weary passengers on the dusty road.


  1. nice sunset!

    i’ve been to both licomo and limpapa. i swam in a beach in limpapa but in licomo, i was inside the bus on the way to zamboanga del norte. so maybe it doesn’t count as having been there. hehe.

  2. are u sure heids? u swam in limpapa? the waters there are shark-infested ba, even the local children don’t ever go near the water. maybe u mean aplaya bonita, but it’s in patalon, right before labuan.

    i’ve also been on road trips from zc so i’ve passed licomo but it’s really different if u have the time to stop and look at the view. bien enjoy gad. hehe. ya acorda man yo con sir emir. :)