Insect Slavery?

Humanity has long since recognized the evils of slavery. In the span of a century, reformists and activists have campaigned against it, wars have been fought for or against it, and countless lives have been lost in man’s bid to end it. Today, various groups such as Anti- Slavery International and Amnesty International ensure that slavery as an institution, would never rise again.

Things are different in the insect world. Me and Flishi were outdoors one fine January afternoon when I noticed something right out of a biology book. Insect slavery! I took a snapshot of it using Flishi’s new Canon A410. It’s got a super macro feature which I used to take this pic. And so here it is.

The ants in the picture are ‘farming’ aphids. Aphids feed on the sap from plants. These insects excrete the excess sap, which the ants then collect to feed the colony. Cool isn’t it?

Here are some of the other shots I took:

Above, Suntan buds. Right, Pine sap.