Blogger Hacks

It”s been a month since Gim or I last posted, it’s 3 in the morning and what am I doing??? Fiddling with my template! :D (Don’t worry, a post is coming soon. That was me convincing myself that a post would be coming soon.) :(

Anyways, I’ve got two new changes to be proud of! B) The first is that I finally have categories! I love Blogger but it stinks when it comes extra features – like the very important category feature. For months I’ve been Googling for a not-so-brute-forceful hack to solve this, but I haven’t been successful ’til now. (One suggestion I’ve come across is to create a new blog for every category – Good God, I’m too lazy to do that everytime I want a new one! :P)

A lot of versions of this hack are floating but for newbies (like me!), we need specific instructions, which is why I loved Phydeaux’s 3-part tutorial on implementing Blogger tags. Tags, in my opinion, are better than categories, since one post can have many tags, rather than just a single category. Look to my sideblog for my new tags! :) I haven’t tagged all my previous posts yet, only two or three, but I’ll be working on it this summer! :D

The other new change is – yes, you guessed it! – I’ve got emoticons!! :D I got it from Free Blogspot Templates, which of course offers Blogger skins as well as other Blogger tips. I was really looking for the Blogger Hack Series which it seems to have lost. :O But nonetheless, my visit wasn’t fruitless. :P

Here’s to more Blogger hacks and less sleepless nights!!! :D