Dakak, Here I Come!

I’ve had it! I am NOT taking it anymore! This separation MUST stop! I am reuniting with that errant little child and once I see him, I am going to kick his supple little bottom!!!

And I am going to take a nice long vacation while at it, too.

The boy thinks he can fool me, says he’s spending summer away from me to play doctor for a month in a poor little province somewhere in one of the forgotten crevices of the country.

Yeah, right. Dapitan is SO NO LONGER the same little old province Rizal was once exiled to. Check their website and see. Tourism is booming and the place is getting all snazzed up. (Sorry if I sound weird, chalk it up to my reading Terry McMillan.)

The point is, I’m jealous. And I’m not gonna sit here salivating over pretty pictures of islands, waterfalls, floating restaurants or even bump cars (so old school, I know, but we don’t have them here and I want them!).

I am going to Dapitan. And yes, I am going to Dakak Resort, Aliguay and Silinog Islands, Linabo Peak, Sunkilaw Waterfalls and even the Rizal Shrine, yes I am. Well, I hope.

So, have a peaceful Holy Week, everyone. Pray I don’t blow my entire life savings in the same week. (But if I do, Gimmi boy, don’t expect to be able to sit down in a month!)

P.S. These beautiful pictures come from Carribeviaggi. Dapitan may be getting prettier but its website hasn’t quite caught up yet.