Swinging High and Low

Admit it. This font makes you want to grab the itsy bitsy little biscuits off the screen and munch-munch-munch them one by one!!! The more I look at them, the more I get hungry! :P

Been a while since I last updated. :( I’m really really busy right now. And it’s supposed to be summer. Guess I should be thankful I was passed over for that animation seminar I so badly wanted to attend. (They wanted full-time attendees but I had already signed up to teach a summer class.)

*Sigh* There are days when even I can’t pretend to be chipper for this blog. Reality check – I’m a sullen world weary woman who never gives a big bright smile (as opposed to a pinched half-smile-half-grimace) unless it’s for real. Gah. I am depressing myself. Hope this means I’m getting my period. It was due last week! :x

*Initiate Brute-Force Mood Swing* :D

I may be busy but I need to write. Unloads stress. I wanna avoid what’s happening to that hunny of mine who’s already pre-hypertensive! 130/90 mmHg! My bad eating habits (meat, meat, bit of veg, meat and more meat) conquered him and made him its slave! He wasn’t ready! He wasn’t prepared! Now I’m weaning him off. Nothing but fish and veg for the rest of his days. Hee! :D

My summer class is fun! :) I was teaching my HS juniors poetry appreciation the other day and I gave them E.E.Cummings’ she being Brand to interpret through their new blogs (I didn’t want to suffer the indignity of decrypting their paper diaries; now I suffer the indignity of manually magnifying the smallest font sizes possible) . I got a range of responses – blanks (“It’s about a car. I need to read it again.”), far-out ones (“It’s about suicide.”) and two gingerly written accurate answers (“Um I think it’s about a couple doing ‘their thing’ but um I’m not being malicious here!!!”). I thought my kids were on the more mature side of 15. We stepped on the gas, drove hastily past Cummings and picked up Robert Frost instead. B)