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Linabo’s Video

Posted on 16 June 2006 by Flisha

Last April, Gim and his classmates (they’re taking up Medicine) went to Dapitan to immerse themselves in the community life of a greatly underprivileged area. They were sent to Barangay Linabo, where they witnessed families so poor that they (some up to 50) shared a single dilapidated toilet with no sewage sytem (and the human waste accumulated, unhidden, on the ground).

Gim’s mission is to solve as many of Linabo’s problems as he can. Through, of course, a concerted group effort. For the next three years, Gim and his team will be visiting Linabo intermittently for the implementation of their devised community health plan.

As part of their awareness project, Gim contracted me for video editing a month ago. He gave me his team’s raw footage last week. This morning, they presented their video and data to the School of Medicine.

Here is the finished video.


Celebrating Four Years

Posted on 05 June 2006 by Flisha

Happy 4th Anniversary! :D

No, not this blog. But us. Gim and me. The eternal (hopetoGod and crossourhearts) couple. :B

Gim and I celebrated four years of a sincerely loving relationship on Saturday, June 3, 2006. :)

He gave me a bouquet of flowers. A dozen roses and a dozen assorted chrysanthemums. He knows I adore flowers (I prefer them potted than picked but I take what I can get; I think they are the most exquisite pleasures on earth).

I wish I could say I gave him something as beautiful, but I can’t. I didn’t give him anything. No, I’m not a bitch. No, I don’t not love him anymore like he claims. And no, I most certainly didn’t forget it was our anniversary!

It was just that we had made a prior agreement not to give one another gifts on this, our fourth anniversary. Not that we’re not sentimental, just that we’re a bit more practical. Well, I guess I am more than him. I didn’t want him to spend. I’m not thrifty, in fact everyone knows I’m a spender, can’t hold on to money for too long. :-) (That’s the reason I’m always out of cash!) But if it meant that I couldn’t spend (‘coz he might get hurt if I gave him a gift and he couldn’t get me one) so that he wouldn’t spend, then so it would be.

I didn’t think he’d turn the tables around, though! He gave me flowers!!! And, not for the first time, I didn’t have anything to give in return. :( Argh. You’d think that’d make him a bit sad, wouldnt’ you? That I had no gift for him? No. In fact, he was ecstatic! Proud! Even actually braggish (only a very tiny bit).

Gim’s a very sweet, understanding, kind guy. A bit feminine sometimes, even. (Hehe, don’t kill me, love!) But he’s still a guy, and most guys like to have the upper hand in a relationship, even if it’s as simple as showing his girlfriend he lover her more than she loves him.

But I still say I love him more than he loves me. :)

How I proved that, only he will ever know. :P

Pics of our anniversary here.



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