Linabo’s Video

Last April, Gim and his classmates (they’re taking up Medicine) went to Dapitan to immerse themselves in the community life of a greatly underprivileged area. They were sent to Barangay Linabo, where they witnessed families so poor that they (some up to 50) shared a single dilapidated toilet with no sewage sytem (and the human waste accumulated, unhidden, on the ground).

Gim’s mission is to solve as many of Linabo’s problems as he can. Through, of course, a concerted group effort. For the next three years, Gim and his team will be visiting Linabo intermittently for the implementation of their devised community health plan.

As part of their awareness project, Gim contracted me for video editing a month ago. He gave me his team’s raw footage last week. This morning, they presented their video and data to the School of Medicine.

Here is the finished video.