Of Pirates and Dragons

Once again, she has threatened to fire me as co- due to my delinquency in posting. Though I argue that I am just technical support (driver, camera man, location- hunter, etc.), she still insists that I post. So here I am. —->

Do I look like Brandon Routh in this picture? She tells me that I do. Do you think so too? C’mon, don’t be shy. Just say it. I know I do. Hehe. Just kidding. Speaking of Superman, I really liked the movie. There’s just soemthing about seeing your childhood hero come to life in the big screen. The effects were way cool! Big Blue never looked better.

By the way, did you ever hear of Utopia? No, not Thomas Moore’s essay. Utopia, the game. It’s an online RPG (Role Playing Game) where you get to be a Knight, be ruler of acres and acres of land, and get a chance to conquer other provinces. For those of you who like dragons and DMD’s (Damsels in Distress), this is the game for you. What’s cool about Utopia is that you get to interact with thousands of players from all over the world. On top of that you have a whole repertoire of races (ie., humans, dwarves, orcs, undeads, etc.) and personalities (ie., merchants, generals, mages, etc.) to choose from.

Once you create an account, the game groups you in a kingdom with a dozen or so other players. You get started with around 300 acres of land and several thousand gold coins. Your primary task is to grow as an individual province and to defend your kingdom at all costs. Teamwork is the name of the game. You need to get in touch with your kingdom-mates and together, develop a strategy that would help protect your kingdom. Without your mates, you’re as good as dead. And whatever you do, DON’T create multiple accounts. Well, you may do so, but at your own risk.

While we’re on the topic on games, there’s another game I’m hooked to. Tradewinds Legends 2. Unlike Utopia, this isn’t an online game nor is it a multiplayer one. But it *is* an RPG. In Tradewinds, you are captain of a pirate/merchant/bounty hunter ship. You cruise the Carribean going on quests for whimsical and often demanding governors who haven’t anything better to do than send you off around the known world for his daughter’s toothbrush! This is an amusing, light, and fun game that lets you actually trade with cartoon merchants.

These games are definitely fun! It eases away stress and let’s you leave the real world for a fantasy world dragons, knights, warriors, merchants and pirates. At least for an hour or so. and then it’s back to work. In my case, back to hitting the books. Such as this one:


  1. yuckkk gimi feeling!!! hehehehe! im never giving you a compliment ever again, you’re getting too full of it! hehe joke lang pooch :)

    hay naku games ya tamen. picky ba? hehe. mwah!