Wonderful Flisha

Tomorrow, August 15, 2006, is the birthday of a very wonderful, very special person. Someone as breath taking as a burst of sunrise, as soft as dew sprinkled grass, as bubbly as a woodland brook and as sparkly as a sky filled with stars. Who am I talking about? Why, my beloved Flisha, of course! :) In less than 6 hours, Flisha will be turning 24. So before she says good bye to her 23rd year, let me tell you a little about this amazing creature.

A lover of nature photography, Fli would stop at nothing to get the perfect picture. Down smooth, winding highways, up rocky, treacherous cliffs, through dense, lush foliage and around turbulent, crashing waves, she risks life and limb (hers and mine) for that just-right angle. Her collection of photos includes some of the most beautiful nature scenes.

Pretty aren’t they? But you know what? If Fli just stopped for a while, even for just one second, to look at the mirrow, I bet she’ll see the most beautiful, the most wonderful, the most awesome picture of all- herself. Happy birthday, love. Wishing you all your heart’s desire. I love you dearly.