Neneng’s Not-So-Friendly Wake-Up Call

Early Wednesday morning, I woke up to my sister Melisse screeching at the top of her lungs: “Fliiiishaaa! Dispierta ya! Ta entra agua el casa!” (“Wake up! The house is getting flooded!”)

It was 6am. A full four hours before I normally wake up. Groggy, I went “Hmmh? Mhmm… Okay.” Which sent her and my mom ballistic. Both started shouting at me to get up and get everything off the floor. Nemo, our poodle, also contributed to the mayhem by howling furiously. The entire backyard, including the dirty kitchen, was flooded. Poor Nemo had had to seek shelter by climbing up on a shelf (I never knew he was so talented!).

Sighing heavily (sleep is my lover next to what’s-his-name in Dapitan), I resigned myself to semi-wakefulness. The water was indeed seeping under our doorways. We got around 3 minutes to move things off the floor and on to the tables/chairs/upstairs. Needless to stay, a lot of stuff still got wet – like books, shoes, furniture, and unfortunately, the newly replaced washing machine (we’re still drying it out and so I have to wash by hand, ouch!). But there were no casualties – nothing sparked, no one get electrocuted.

We just had to clean the entire house, that’s all. Yeeep, I got stuck with hauling water off the floor from a tabo (small plastic water container) and into a balde (big plastic water container). With only an inch of water but it covering the whole floor – weeell, it took hours. Okay. One hour. After which I left Melisse to do the rest of the job while my mom mopped up the remaining dirt and water. And I went back to sleep. When I woke up (more than four hours later, as the school cancelled classes, yay) the floor was miraculously clean. Well, except for my room. Which I had to clean myself. *Sigh* Which I did. Later on in the evening, after much thought and many a dirty look from my mother.

My room is – well, less dirty now.

Here are pics I took of the Neneng’s wrath (Milenyo did less damage). The front lawn and the porch. Our dirty kitchen was still flooded so I couldn’t go out to take a picture of our backyard. (This is the first time our home got flooded so I was pretty excited to take pictures of our new lake. :P)


  1. scary ha! we don’t have typhoon in victoria except queensland – tropical weather kasi. saka madaming ipis at lamok dun. yuk *hehehe*