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Exploring Free SMS in the Philippines

Posted on 08 April 2007 by Flisha

Detox Tip #3: Find Freebies on the Internet

SMS or texting in the Philippines is as much a way of life as wearing clothes. Everybody does it. There are three major cellphone carriers, Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular. Each text message normally costs Php1, but promos routinely crop up to minimize fees and entice new subscribers.

But I hate paying for anything, especially for something I believe should be free – such as the ability to send a meager 150 characters of data to another phone when you regularly pay for call credits. So I love finding freebies over the Internet.

I was one of the first subscribers to Chikka, an Internet service that allows Filipinos (and now, foreigners, too) to send free text messages from their PCs to cellphones in the Philippines (and now, to other selected countries, too). But it’s a limited service, it allows a user to send only 3 messages to any single number. I get around that by having multiple accounts, but it’s such a hassle. Oh, and sometimes the messages are delayed by a few hours.

I’ve tried another fairly new service, Wapot. There are no limits to sending messages, but it’s quite unreliable. Sometimes the message gets sent, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes the service is fast, sometimes it’s not.

Recently, I’ve come across another free texting service online, and it’s Callwave. It’s easy enough to use, but it’s a widget which means you have to attach it somewhere like your personalized Google homepage, as you see in my screenshot. But as soon as it’s up, it’s a real breeze to use. Registering your number takes a second and then you can send messages to anyone, anywhere in the world. I tried it and there are no delays in receiving messages. Unfortunately, the number of messages you can send per day is limited. I was only able to send around 5 messages before it told me to “please try again tomorrow.” So I guess this is a good service to use if you’re in a hurry, but I wouldn’t advise you to uninstall your Chikka program just yet.

I don’t often find the need to call or text anybody so I don’t load my phone much. Except nowadays, when Gim is in Dapitan and there’s no other way to contact him during the day (at night when nobody’s using their boarding house phone, we call each other through PLDT NDD), I do load about Php100 everyday. Still, it’s heavy on my pocket since I’m saving for PIDC and since I don’t have any incoming salary on the 15th (waaaahh, it’s school policy for non-permanents). Every cent counts, so free texting is extremely helpful, hehe.

Hope this post is helpful, too, for financially-challenged texters out there like me. Tell me if you guys find any other SMS freebies out there. :)


Emotional and Physical Pains

Posted on 07 April 2007 by Flisha

Detox Tip #2: Cry a river, get tonsilitis, fever, headache and colds as a result.

The past week has been hellish. Gim left for Dapitan on Monday and he’s not coming back until the end of April. The day before he left, I buried myself in his arms and cried for hours. Not the soft sobbing, silent type of crying – but the hagulgol type – loud, wet, heartbreaking sobs.

I was strong for most of March, I cheered him up while he moped around. But that last day, it just hit me so hard and I could not stop my tears. That night my nose was clogged and I could not sleep. It was a miracle I was able to wake up early enough to bring Gimmi to the bus terminal. I had developed colds and a fever. I lost my appetite (and trust me, normally, that’s impossible for me) and if not for debate practice, I would totally not get out of bed anymore. *Sigh*

As if things could not get worse, at the peak of my illness, I got my period and had to endure terrible stomach cramps and sanitary pad rashes (damn I want tampons!!). *Heavier Sigh*

It’s been six days since Gim left and my illness has abated, too. What’s left is a bit of a dry and itchy throat but it’s not so bad. My period has just begun so what’s occupying my mind most of the time is the discomfort I get wearing pads. I chafe and cut. I’ve tried different brands, same result. I think I’m allergic.

I really wish, here in the Philippines, I had an alternative. Like tampons, or some things I’ve read recently, cloth nappies and menstrual cups. Or better yet, like not having a vagina!!! I wonder how many women secretly wish they were born men. I think God is a man. ‘Coz if he knew how much we women suffer just by being ourselves, he would have made us different!

So how is this post related to detoxification? Well, crying is good. Even if one bout can become a painful 5-day process. It releases stress, at the very least. Makes you lose weight, at the most. Menstruating is good, too. It releases old eggs and old tissues. And every month, you find out that you’re not pregnant. If that’s not great news, what is?



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