Birthday Pics

I’ve changed the title of my blog but this girl still gets self-absorbed every once in a while. So let me indulge, post my birthday pictures. :)

Wakey, wakey! It’s 2pm and my day’s just starting. Thank you Gim for not letting me miss my birthday, hehe. I’m normally a vampire. I wake up at 2-3pm, then go to bed at 6-7am. I’m so lazy I scare myself.

Gim gave me lotsa gifts! A really cute shoulder bag, a pretty bracelet, flowers (lots and lots! He knows me too well :-)), chocolates (heehee) and a card. And he wouldn’t give me my gift the day before, even though I begged and begged at stroke of midnight.

Yan dala le last time, when he gave my gift a week earlier and come my birthday didn’t give me a thing. And I threw a temper tantrum. He had to last-minute-ly blow off all his savings just to placate me. Heehee. I am such a spoiled brat, he says. I know.

Here we are at Zaky’s (formerly Sunburst), buying chicken and potato salad for my family. We love Sunburst. It’s our favorite takeout restaurant. Ok, it’s not a takeout restaurant. It’s a real restaurant and we love the food there. But the ambiance inside is so blah and ugh that we don’t want to eat there. So mostly we just order takeout and eat elsewhere like at home while watching a rented movie.

Doesn’t it look like there’s two of Gimmi? Oh I wish he had a twin. Who liked me too. And they’d be sharing me and everything. Hehe. That would be so much fun. :) Possibilities.

Here I am showing off my bracelet. Isn’t it pretty? I’ve realized I’m not into classy jewelry. I’m into flashy, gaudy, colorful, blingy, fun accessories. And not ashamed of it. Heehee. Apparently Gim knows that too.

I love him so much. :)

I haven’t had time to take photos of my other presents though, maybe in another post. Especially the lovely flowers. :)

Oh and we even saw Donnel and his girlfriend having dinner! What a coincidence, huh? Later today I’ll spend dinner with them and my barkada whom I miss so much.

After dropping off the food at home, Gim and I rode off to Antonio’s, another one of our favorite restaurants.

Actually it tops our list, because the food is soooo delicious (it’s a steakhouse and we love meat, and the desserts are scrumptious too) and the place has an intimate ambiance. We’ve shared a lot of special dates there, Gim and I. Anniversaries and holidays, that’s where we go.

We ordered steak a la pobre (love the garlic sauce, sooo good), baked clams (my favorite appetizer) and squid rings (my favorite seafood! if only they served grilled squid…). We had a great time.

After that we headed on to C@fea for dessert. It’s like the local Starbucks.

There’s a more popular coffeehouse called CoffeeMix, but it’s always so full so we decided to forgo it.

Also, there’s a rumor that it stinks of high-class prostitutes. Ew.

It was a good idea to go to C@fea because there weren’t a lot of people so we were able to sit on the coveted sofa section.

Strawberry cream for me, Black Forest espresso for him, oatmeal raisin cookies and great conversation make for a lovely evening capper.

It was a really wonderful day. Thanks, Gim. :-)