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Feeling Phony

Posted on 24 August 2007 by Flisha

I’ve had bad luck with . They always get lost, or stolen, or broken… So I haven’t had a new phone for the past 2 years, in fact I was only forced to use a phone these last few months because I’m in and Gim’s in . Before that, I had totally given up on keeping a phone – and anyway, with e-mail, IM, blogs and all – who needed a phone? I certainly didn’t.

Until I came here. It was the only way to communicate with my boyfriend. I found myself spending 00-200 a week just for SMS and the odd phone call. It got annoying, having to buy load every so often. Same with my boyfriend.

So, we each decided to subscribe to a postpaid plan! I got Smart’s Consumable 800, and he got the Regular 500.

I got a free Nokia 6151 and he bought a Samsung E250.

Now we can send each other videos and pictures! Yay! :-)

Here are pictures of our phones.

Mine’s the pretty blue one and his is the slidy black one.


  1. Gim says:

    buni! :) i’m so glad we got these phones and postpaid plans. now i don’t have ta run from the 4th floor down to the canteen just to get load when i run out of it. hehe. btw, ur pic of my phone isn’t right. that’s a D250. my phone is an E250 (the one featured on ur E250 link). just make it black and u’ve got it. :)

    love you always!

    *hugs, kisses, and more hugs!*

  2. Anonymous says:

    ate flisha! i know you from a long time ago back in adzu and stumbled upon your blog from kuya ador’s blog. =) i love your blog! as for being away from kuya gim, i know exactly what you mean =( my boy/bestfriend is in california right now finishing his degree (done by next semester) but i still miss him loooots. so yeah, that’s about it. =)

    raiza a.


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