Under Pressure

The final week of the first semester is fast approaching. I am under pressure. Beyond under pressure. I am taking four subjects – heavy ones, all of them.

Programming Languages and Paradigms, Theory of Algorithms, Computer Simulatin and Modeling, and Business Data Mining.

One last week of classes and then the finals exams week. And four major projects to go. I’m doing a Java program, studying Lisp and C++, I’m trying to solve NP-complete problems (trust me, don’t even bother trying to understand its definition), running data analysis on pregnant mommy datasets and simulating the future of the Philippines. All to be submitted in two weeks.

And right now I am just so so so so exhausted. And my nerves are about to leap off my forehead, I think.

And what am I doing??? Blogging.

I am about to go crazy.

Therefore, I am thankful for the precious few moments that I had fun here in . And these pictures represent some of those moments. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of myself. Waaah. But here are some I took of old and new friends.

Here are pictures of the ANC debate. Henry and Al and Jamel came over for the debate against UP Manila.

And yey, they won! Which means they’re coming back this month for another round. Don’t forget to watch and vote! :-)

Al and Henry, the Light and the Treasure. Hahahah. I love it.

This set of pics is more recent. Roel, a former classmate, celebrated his birthday and invited all of us ADZU faculty here in Manila for a party at his house.

It was a lot of fun, ‘coz I hardly ever get to go out with friends here, and making new friends is really a necessity nowadays. Hehe.

Gosh how pitiful my life has become…

I really hope for more parties to come. :-)

Which is why I am sooo excited for sembreak! In two weeks I’ll be going to Dapitan to meet my boyfriend and spend a whole month with him!

A whole month of being loved!! I am so excited! I can’t wait! :-)