The Eyes Are the Windows to Our Soul

What do they say about us?

My eyes. My boyfriend says they’re wide and almond-shaped. Especially wide when at the grocery store. And whenever I want something I shouldn’t have. Hmm. So my eyes communicate my need for food, my need to be spoiled, my need for attention, my need to be loved… and my… other needs. I am a needy person.

His eyes. They’re kind and heavy-lidded, dreamy he says. Hehehe. He does not lack confidence. They are especially heavy when he is sleepy, like during this picture, having just come from a 24-hour shift at the hospital where he is a doctor. His eyes are also heavy when he is holding me, or when he is… flirting. So, his eyes tell me that he loves comfort and he loves to love. He is a giving person.

I need and he gives. And that’s my perfect relationship. :-)