The Many Faces of Gimmi

Because it’s his birthday, this post is going to be all about Gimmi – or Gerardo Aniano Condalor Dimaguila – Gim to his friends and family – Bambam / Bunbun / Tookie / Babooch / Poochie / and all manner of babyname endearments – to me.

To my darling Gim-gim, my lover, my best friend, my pillow, my heart – I love you sosososo much – you are the epitome of the perfect partner and I will love you and want you all my life. :-)

Today, on your birthday – I wish for you everything your heart desires. May you become the world’s greatest doctor. May you find a cure for cancer. May you build the house of your dreams. May you travel the world. May you make your family (and friends) proud. May you befriend the whole word (hehe). May we have a blissful life together – for a long, long time.

You amaze and inspire me, Gim. And everything I do – it’s for you (and me, hehe).

So many cliches. For being a writer, I am strangely inept at expressing my love for you in words. But you know it already – I’ve shown you so in much many more ways.

You know this – Gim – I love you. Always. :-)

Happy 24th Birthday!!!